*In a Nut Shell

The Facts of Life

The other night, the little baby was punching, kicking, and just moving around ALOT. (I started feeling “outside” movement at exactly 18 weeks.) So, I asked Faith if she wanted to feel the baby kicking. She jumped up from what she was doing and said, “Otay! Touch baby!” and ran over to where I was on the couch. I waited for the baby to get re-positioned so I could put Faith’s hand just in the right spot. She was pretty excited about this new experience and couldn’t wait to put her hand down. I found the spot, placed her hand down, and sure enough, *punch!* *kick!* and *roll!* (anybody who has been pregnant knows exactly what I mean by the “roll” movement.) Faith’s reaction to this??

“No! No touch baby! No, Mom!” as she was covering my stomach up and trying to get off the couch at the same time! She was completely disturbed by the whole thing. HaHaHa! Now, typically, she will come up to me throughout the day, pat my stomach and talk about the baby. She’ll even kiss it sometimes. But, the next day, she would have nothing to do with coming near my belly. When I’d ask about feeling the baby again, she’d tell me, “No, Mom! No touch!” By bedtime that next evening though, I could atleast get her to pat my stomach, and now she will actually do all her usual stuff, but still refuses to come near if I ask her if she wants to feel it.

The funny things kids say and do!


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