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Beginning of August

I had a couple of doctor’s appointments at the beginning of the month. Both were baby related, but one of them was very important that I didn’t miss it as it was an fetal echo scan. At my 18 week scan, they found a spot on the baby’s heart, so had me going in for all sorts of extra scans and appointments. The doctors were concerned that the baby might have had Down’s or a heart problem due to my diabetes. (Diabetics are at very high risk of having a baby with heart problems.) Anywho, this appointment I had for the echo was in the afternoon and Lowell was supposed to get off work early so he could stay with the girls while I drove 40 minutes to the specialist place I was going to. However, he suddenly was super swamped at work and there was no way for him to get out a minute earlier than scheduled. What was I supposed to do? This place will not let you get an ultrasound with unattended children in the room, it is VERY difficult to get an appointment/reschedule with this place, and it was the determining appointment to “offically” say whether or not there was something wrong with the baby’s heart. I turned to prayer, ofcourse, about it all, and half-jokingly put as my facebook status that I “need a sister, and there are ALOT of you, to come stay with me for two days” so I could atleast go to this baby echo appointment.  Well, my adopted sister-in-law, Samm, in Virginia, commented and said that she would come up if I really needed her to. I told her I appreciated it but that she didn’t have to, that although I needed someone, I would figure something out. She insisted, I hesitated… I didn’t want her to take time off of work AND drive all the way up here by herself. Eventually, it was decided that she would come up and bring Lowell’s sister, Grace, with her. (This is where I would like to thank Papa for being the best the greastest boss, sponser, father-in-law, papa, and papaw. He’s a great guy, you’ll have to meet him some time!) They arrived literally at the second I had to run out the door to make my appointment, so there was no time for formalities like “Hi!” or “I’m so glad you made it safe and sound!” or anything really. HaHaHa! But, they were planning to spend the whole weekend with us, so there was plenty of time for that later :) The appointment went well. The doctor who did the scan must have said a hundred times how beautiful he thought the baby’s hear looked. He also had an intern with him and he kept telling her to remember the way this or that looked because to get a good picture like that is very hard to come by. Needless to say: not only was it wonderful to hear that the baby is a-okay, but “beautifully okay” and was well behaved enough (not super active and performing like our babies usally do for ultrasounds!) for these doctors to get great looks at it’s “make-up”.

The rest of our weekend was a blast! We had so much fun hanging out and laughing with Samm and Grace. On Thursday evening, Lowell took us all on rides on his motorcycle. Yes, even me, 6 months pregnant, went for a spin around the block!

6 mos pregnant & goin' bike ridin'

On Friday I went to my regular OB check up and we spent the rest of the day doing whatever. We made salmon, rice, and asparagus for dinner and had ice cream for dessert. Later that night, we rented Defiance and had popcorn and sweets. (btw, if you haven’t seen Defiance, I highly recommend it! What an awesome story. It’s based off of a book/true story.)

Saturday was a very beautiful day: Jesus was formally brought to and institued in our home! We did general clean all day, went to confession in the afternoon, and had the newly ordained, Fr. James Heber, and our friends, the Sherwin family, over for a blessing and some dinner. Just before we sat down to eat, Fr. James said some prayers, walked around the house blessing each of the rooms, and closed with one last, beautiful prayer. We enjoyed a nice evening of food and great conversation with everyone and were, no we ARE so grateful to Fr. James for bringing Jesus to our home more offically :)

Samm and Grace had to leave Sunday afternoon. It was such a great visit and went by far too quickly! But, reality is always knocking at our door and they wanted to get home at a reasonable time so Samm would be rested up before going back to work Monday morning. I can never thank them enough for coming all the way just to babysit for us and I hope that they are able to come up again for another visit soon … hint, hint ladies!


One thought on “Beginning of August

  1. Joanna!!! I just read this and realized how ironic that last line is!! I’m beginning to think you planned to slip and fall… (no, not really!! HAHAHA) Seriously though, how ironic!!?


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