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The Least Expectation

Yesterday was a normal day. We ate breakfast, went to Wally World for a grocery run, came home, unloaded, ate lunch, Lowell went to work. The girls and I napped in the afternoon, when I woke up, I started dinner. I made salsa beer chicken with rice and beans – yum! After we ate, I did the dishes and played with the girls for a few minutes before bath time. We all headed up the stairs at bath time and the girls splished and splashed while I got their jammies together and watched them. Then they got scrubbed, pulled out, dried off and dressed, hair combed, ears q-tipped, and teeth brushed. Faith picked up the dirty diapers, I picked up Felicity and the dirty clothes, and we headed down stairs. As we started down the second flight, I lost my footing and slipped…

 I guess I just stepped wrong or my shoes were slippery because I slipped and fell about 5 steps. I was holding Felicity and crashed into Faith on my way down. I slammed my low back pretty hard and knocked the back of my head on a step at some point, too. When I stood, I realized shorts were wet and knew that something very bad had happened. I made my way to the couch and called my mom to find out if something like that could really cause my water to break. She said it could and that I needed to be checked right away. So, I called my doctor and called Lowell home from work. When I got to the hospital, they checked me and said there were no signs of amniotic fluid, but that a trauma like that could have caused a small tear or pin hole in my placenta (which would have been the leakage of fluid), but something small like that can seal up almost instantaneously. They kept me overnight to monitor the baby and me, to make sure we remained okay with not having contractions, spotting, or any other fluid leaks. I came home this morning around 8:30 and Lowell’s sisters, Dom and Grace, were here with Samm, they drove through the night from VA, to stay with us and help for atleast the weekend. And, our friend, Brandi Law, was here as well. She came to stay with the girls in the morning while Lowell went to get me and to help out until we didn’t need her services any more. (we have been so blessed with great friends and family!!) I have mandatory bedrest for 24 hours and have been told to take it really easy for about a week.

The way I fell down the stairs, I thought for sure I broke Felicity’s leg. I was pretty shaken up by it all, and Faith was too. Felicity was beside herself upset and scared. Faith started to cry a little bit but when she saw the look of terror on my face, she almost did a 180 in her emotion and started to ask, “Mom, are you otay? Are you otay?” I tried to keep myself as composed as possible, but I was so upset. I hurt my back really bad, I probably had just broken my water, we have no family [really] close by to come and stay with the kids, then I was still wondering if I’d broke Felicity’s leg at this point, too. But, when I got to the couch and got Felicity’s blanket and was able to comfort her for a minute, she calmed way down and I was able to see that -okay, it isn’t broken. She has a nasty bruise today, though, and isn’t much of a fan of crawling. Faith was such a trooper about it all. Very considerate and helpful. My feet tripped her on our way down, so her leg was a little sore after the fall, but it seems to be okay.

When Lowell and I were in the hospital, waiting to hear something, we started talking about how such a normal day turned into something traumatic; how the littlest, yet biggest, things can happen when you least expect it. We also started getting wind of all the people who knew and were praying for us. We got random phone calls and texts from various friends, and each time we spoke with one of our moms, we found out about more and more people who’d been notified and were praying. We are SO thankful to everyone for your thoughts and prayers!!!! We will be offering many rosaries, masses, and personal sacrifices for everyone we know, and don’t know, for your kindness, thoughts and prayers. We are overwhelmed by the beauty and blessings we have in the best family and friends we could ever dream to ask for :)


3 thoughts on “The Least Expectation

  1. We were just about to sit down for dinner when I read about your fall online…we all immediately froze and prayed. So glad to hear you are home and healing. Prayer is such a powerful thing.


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