*In a Nut Shell

All by Herself

Felicity knows how to climb into her walker all by herself. She and Faith go out into the garage when it is raining. Faith jumps on her little bike, Felicity crawls into her walker, and they have a blast just getting around the garage. I love dry entertainment!!

Well, one day, I went to check and make sure that things were okay: you know, nobody getting into tools, empty cans, or even the fridge we have out there. When I got out there, the first thing I noticed was Felicity in her walker…

Backwards Baby

On another day, a week or two ago, I left Felicity on the couch, after changing her stinkies, to throw the diaper away. I walked out of the room for 20 seconds only to return and find:

Computer hacker in training
she crawled from the couch to the computer stand, woke up the computer, got online, opened email, pulled up random search engines, and all sorts of computer help applications! WARNING: Never leave child unattended, especially if s/he has a knack for electronics! *2 year old big sisters are not a reliable form of supervision either*


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