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On a Mission

I have made an unbelievably scary, yet brave decision:

I’m going to potty train BOTH girls at the same time!!!!!

How did this come about? The other night, while we were bathing the girls, Felicity started to poop in the bath tub. So, I pulled her out and put her on the potty, and she went! We made a really big deal about it and Faith watched from the sidelines, hopefully taking notes(!), while Felicity slowly caught on and realized what she did. She was quite proud of herself!

Then, it hit me: why not train them both??? If I start to apply the same methods for Felicity than I am using for Faith, it should work. Felicity is at a pretty mould-able age, so putting her on the toilet every hour should produce some results; even if she isn’t quite sure what is happening at first. But! There is a serious plus to all this. Faith will see Felicity peeing and/or pooping in the toilet and receiving lots of praise and a treat for it . How can I go wrong?? They both love gummy bears, so next time we go to Walmart, I’m going to buy a big bag. Felicity will eventually go one or the other if I’m putting her on every hour, she’ll be rewarded and Faith will so want in on the action. The problem I’m having with Faith, now, is that she won’t go IN the toilet, but I really believe that when she’s sees Felicity doing it, and being rewarded, that she’ll finally go.

My only concern is: how will Felicity communicate to me, down the road, that she has to go? She can already say so much, so maybe she’ll catch on with all our “potty talk”? Or, I can continue taking her every hour until she comes up with her own way of letting me know. Once Faith starts, though, I know it won’t be hard to keep on top of things, especially if I have gummy bears on my side! ;) She is very ready, and very much in need of using the toilet and NOT a diaper.

Beginning next week: Mission Potty Training [not](im)Possible. I will keep you updated on our progress. I’m actually pretty excited about this. I was determined to not have three is diapers, come November, but is it possible that I’ll only have one in diapers??????? We will see. God willing, it will all work out well!



3 thoughts on “On a Mission

  1. Joanna! You’re very ambitious! This is an actual thing, called “elimination communication” — check it out at http://www.diaperfreebaby.org/ … my understanding is that I think the baby (in this case, Felicity) doesn’t so much figure out new ways of telling you she has to go potty, but rather that you, as the mom, just start to notice the subtle signs Felicity (and every baby/child) gives off right before she has to go … I guess it’s what moms in some (many?) Third World countries do, especially in those cultures where the babies are always strapped/wrapped/slung to the moms and the babies never wear any diapers. A downside I can see is that, until she’s able to pull down her own pants, get up on the potty, and get down again, you’ll have to help her with that every time … but then, having only one in diapers sounds great! I can’t wait to hear how this goes!


  2. Hey, hope it goes well! You can also use some sort of simple sign language–shaking a “t” means toilet– and say, “let’s go potty!” when you take her. Eventually, she’ll learn the sign and say it to you. Signing Time videos/dvds are available at many libraries and teach the kids tons of signs. We love them. James is potty training now, and I must admit, I am into large scale bribery. It seems to be taking!


  3. So, how is it going? Wait till Faith is old enough to potty-train a younger sibling. It’s awesome; I didn’t even have to train Veronica!


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