*In a Nut Shell

Progress Report #1

D- (!!!!!!!)

I gave myself a D minus, instead of an F, because although my efforts have been good, the girls progress has been diddly-squat. I don’t know what I am going to do. I think I will give it a few days and try again. Maybe if they think I forgot, they will forget whatever it is they are plotting and we will all start fresh on a new day.

I was taking them each on the hour, but they were going inbetween, so that wasn’t helping. Then, I decided I would take Faith every 30 minutes and Felicity every hour. Still no good. They were still both pottying in their diapers INSTEAD OF in the toilet.

I can’t wait until Faith is old enough to potty train and I don’t have to think or do much more than, “Make sure ‘so n’ so‘ goes to the bathroom.” For some reason, in looking back on when I was the one who was making sure so n’ so was going to the bathroom, it seemed so much easier. I am determined to find a solution or a break through of some sort, so stay tuned!

(I’m also eager for any tips on what else I can use for bribery to GO on the toilet. I have tried candy, movies, getting to do something/go somewhere exciting… I’ve even tried getting Faith to go in her diaper while sitting on the toilet, to get the general idea of it. But, nothing works! That girl, I swear, has buns of steel! hahaha!) 


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