*In a Nut Shell

The Amazing Cure

Some of you Mommies might already know about this little secret, but for those of you who don’t, I am here to share it!

Felicity had a HORRIBLE diaper rash this weekend. She had the runs real bad, poor thing, and I’m still not sure what the meaning of it all was. Anywho, I started her on acidophilus, and had to start rinsing her in the sink or tub at each changing because she was rubbed pretty raw and was looking close to blisters and bleeding. I started getting concerned because Faith randomly went through almost the exact same thing when we were in California in February, and I did not want to go through that again. It was so awful seeing Faith practically unable to walk due to the amount of pain she was in!

On Saturday, a few hours before bedtime, we were at our friends, the Law’s, house to watch the Texas v. Texas Tech game after Lowell had helped Justin with outside painting. Felicity was right at the turning point of her diaper changes at every 30 minutes-hour, and her poor little bottom was looking worse and worse. I asked Brandi if she had some diaper rash medicine I could borrow and she told me she didn’t, but had something better: olive oil and corn starch. Her baby, Micah, had a super terrible diaper rash not long ago, and a lady told her [Brandi] about this remedy for diaper rashes. You mix corn starch with olive oil in a small bowl with a spoon, with no specific ratio of oil to starch, it just depends on how thick/runny you want it. After you mix it, you dip your finger in it and apply to the rash like you would normally. So, Brandi mixed me up a bowl is 30 seconds, I used it two or three times while we were there, Felicity crashed on the way home BUT stayed dry, so didn’t need changed again when we got home. The next morning when I got her up to change her, she was barely pink!!!! It was the most amazing thing ever!  I will keep my tubed stuff for when we are out of town or whatever, but when we are home and our kids ever show signs of a rash, that is what I am using!

I know this is quite random, but I wanted everyone who didn’t know TO KNOW because there is nothing worse than when your baby has a fried bottom and it just isn’t healing fast enough for everybody’s sanity. Take and share this with everyone you know; it’s the fastest and cheapest diaper rash remedy I’ve seen and used yet. ;)


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