*In a Nut Shell

We Aren’t Busy Enough

Meet Tobey!


Tobey is an American Bulldog. We got him last week, and he is almost 9 weeks old. He is so sweet and very loyal. He is also the laziest dog ever! Don’t get me wrong, he gets his bursts of energy, but he spends the majority of his time lounging around and sleeping. He loves-Loves-LOVES Faith and Felicity, the feelings there are quite mutual, too. He is getting a little better about potty training and seems to respond the best to me. It is all quite odd when it comes to that because the dog person is not me in this family, but for whatever reason, Tobey loves me best.

For those of you who know me, getting a dog was completely out of the question. Lowell and I agreed that we would get a dog when we were done with the military and were moved into ourhome that has lots of room for a dog and kids to run around. I especially didn’t want to deal with that kind of hassle here in NY with the loooong, cooooold winters, or have that responsibility fully dumped on me when Lowell is gone on deployments 3-9 months a year. And, my biggest thing was NOT wanting a dog to live in my house. I don’t like the smell of pet in the house, I find it just … yucky.

One of our neighbors’ dogs had a liter of puppies and Lowell & the girls went for a walk and saw them. Ofcourse, that night at dinner, the age-old question came up, “Can we get a dog?” “Well, why can’t we get a dog?” So, we had the conversation, again, about all the reasons why it makes more sense to wait, just like we’d agreed, but this time, Grace was here and she is pro dog too. So, I had it coming from all sides. I eventually went into my shutdown mode like I do when I’ve had enough of something that we’ve talked about a hundred time before.

When dinner was over, I was upstairs cleaning or getting things ready for the girls’ bath time, and thinking about the 30 minute conversation we just had around the dinner table. I decided that the only thing really stopping us from getting a dog now, as opposed to when we were done with the military in 5 years, was my selfishness and vanity. I didn’t want to take care of it when Lowell was gone; I didn’t want to deal with the headache of moving with it; I didn’t want it living in my house, making it all yucky, etc. I, I, I..me, me, me. But, my family loves dogs. My family would love to have a dog. Who am I to let what I want or feel stand in the way of the rest of my family’s happiness? I decided to rise above and be the better person, let go of my selfishness, and be humbled by a pet coming into my home.

I came down stairs to find Lowell at the computer. He apologized, as soon as I walked in the room, for giving me such a hard time at dinner and for not stopping after the “playful part” and that he was still happy with waiting until the time we’d agreed on a while back. I swallowed hard, took a deep breath, and answered him with: “You can have a puppy. But, it has to spend like ALL of its time outside, it can’t go upstairs, and it has to eat in the garage.” If only I had a camera to record his face and response to this!!! He got this little boy grin and while half giggling said, “Reeeeeally???” It took almost exactly 24 hours from that time for them (Lowell, Grace, Faith, and Felicity) to come home with a puppy who is now known as Tobey: the family dog.

I don’t know why he likes me best, but he does. He is a good boy and very good with the kids. We really haven’t had any terrible situations with him at all, and I’m sure we owe that to his laziness ;) I hope he stays a good boy and that the kids continue to love him so much. It is still an adjustment for me, but I am making it through, remembering that this isn’t about me, but my family. I can’t say I love Tobey yet, but I definitely don’t mind having him around.

Felicity & Tobey Faith & Tobey   





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