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Papa & Papaw

So, my dad is “Papa” and Lowell’s dad is “Papaw.” The real difference is a more southern draw in how the girls say “Papaw” compared to just the regular “Papa.”

Faith often talks about wanting to go to Papa’s/Papaw’s house, but more than half the time, I can’t figure out WHO she is talking about! So I have been working on a strategy to help us understand whom it is we are talking about, but I am finding that this process is almost as confusing as the simple “Papa” and “Papaw”!

When we (my siblings and me) were kids growing up, we had “Papa Schroeder”, my dad’s dad, and “Papa Larry”, my mom’s dad. But, when Papa Schroeder passed away, Papa Larry just was Papa because we didn’t need to clarify anymore. Today, though, we all talk about Papa Schroeder as Papa Schroeder ;) Anyway, I thought I could do something like that for Faith. Papa Schroeder for my dad and Papaw Schaper for Lowell’s dad. But! Faith has a problem saying Schroeder and Schaper, it is still a bit too much of a mouth full for her. Then I thought we could do Papa Pat for my dad and Papa Chris for Lowell’s dad. But, that would get confusing because my mom’s name is Kris. Infact, she goes by Granny! HaHaHa! So, we would have Papaw Chris and Granny Kris if we went that route…talk about confusing!

I know I don’t need to pay too much time and attention on this because what ever comes out of their mouths is the way it’s going to be. That what happened in my family. I couldn’t say Grandpa when I was little, it came out as Papa and the Papa’s loved it, so it stuck. However, for my own sake and understanding, there has to be a way to figure this out….right??


2 thoughts on “Papa & Papaw

  1. Like “Aunt Dodo” — like you said, “what ever comes out of their mouths is the way it’s going to be”!

    I said “Mimi” instead of Grandma, and Mimi she became …. though I have older cousins who’d already been calling her “Nan” … I wonder if there was any friction there about that? I don’t remember any, but my other grandmother asked to be called a certain grandma name, and the first 20 grandchildren complied … then the last four decided to use instead what came out when they tried to say the “established” grandma name … it sometimes felt like we were talking about 2 different people, or like those 4 had an “extra” special relationship with her … it was probably petty to be annoyed by it (esp given that we’d done that with our other grandmother), but you know kids …


  2. Charlotte calls Jonathan’s Dad “Bopa” (sounds like bow-paw) and Jonathan’s mom “Nana” while she calls my parents “Grammy” and Grampy” … It’s funny how kids just make up their own names for everyone lol


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