*In a Nut Shell

Our Time with Grace

Grace stayed with us for almost 2 months after I fell down the stairs. It was a HUGE help to have her around and pitch in with all the chores and watching the girls for doctor appointments. She was pretty good about keeping me in my place of not doing too much bending over or heavy lifting to spare my back any more trauma We did some fun things while she was here, too, it wasn’t all business. We went to one of the local county fairs, we went camping and saw the National Baseball Museum and Hall of Fame, Grace and Faith did some baking, and she was also a huge help with Tobey and his potty training.

Aunty Grace & Faith baking cupcakes     So proud of her "tuh-tates"

 Camping was an experience we won’t ever forget. We reserved a spot about 1 1/2 hours south of here. It was a small cabin near the water where we could fish and hang out. I didn’t have high expectations for this little cabin, but envisioned a couple beds, table & chairs, a bathroom and a little something that might resemble a kitchen. Almost a roughed up version of a motel room is what I had in mind… I was never more wrong in my entire life! We walked into this 10×20 room with a queen bed in one corner and a bunk bed 2 feet away in the opposite corner. At the foot of the queen bed was a table and A chair and the front door swung open and barely missed the foot of the bunk beds. No pillows. No blankets. No heat. No running water. NO BATHROOM! Luckily, we’d packed an ice chest, so all of the things that needed to be chilled would remain chilled. And, we also packed a handful of blankets and used clothes and jackets for other covers and blankets. Oh my gosh! And! To top it aaalllll off, I forgot the digital camera :/ We had a really great laugh about it all, though, and Faith n’ Felicity absolutly loved, loved, LOVED the entire experience. You could imagine what they thought about it all. I’m sure it was a super glorified playhouse in their mind’s eye. Did I mention that it was POURING RAIN?? Yes, it was. Did I also mention that we had to walk to the bathroom through swampy grass? Need I remind you that I am pregnant and tend to need to go a little more often than the average Joe? Don’t worry, it was all still laughable, all things considered :) After our camping expereince was lived out the next morning, we loaded up and went to the Hall of Fame. Not too much to tell about that really, other than it was very interesting and kind of enjoyable to read some of the random baseball history. If you or a loved one LOVES baseball, you/they would not be disappointed in visiting it.

She and I also drove to Ohio the first weekend of October with the girls to see my Mary, Alden, and Kolbe for Kolbe’s 2nd Birthday party! I was pretty traumatized by the drive out there as we left late in the day and by nightfall it rained relentlessly! There were a couple accidents and loads of road construction as well. Needless to say, a 10 hour drive without the man was definitely a little more than I could chew being 32 weeks pregnant. But! We made it safe and sound, and had a very wonderful weekend with the Carrere fam! And, my sister Lauren also came out that weekend as she was planning on doing a tour of Franciscan, so she flew in a few days early so we could see each other. :) I was so impressed with the little home and life Mary and Alden have made for themselves. Their home was so cute and their hospitality was more than anybody could ask for. If you’re going to be in Steubie anytime soon, you should look them up for room and board ;) Thank the Lord above, our drive home, after too short a weekend, was a breeze. We made it in 8 or 9 hours, the girls were pretty well behaved, and we had good weather with no construction OR accidents.

Getting ready to party!

Racing down the slides at Kolbe's party  Faith, Kolbe, Felicity and their beloved Cheese Balls  Playing ring-a-round-of-rosies with Aunty Mary

Anywho, Grace left us October 10th. Ray flew out a few days before that to hang out and fly home with her. While he was here, we went to Saratoga Apple to do some good ol’ fashioned apple picking and exploring. This is the second year in a row that Ray’s come up and we’ve done this; maybe we’re working on a tradition here? We got some incredible apples and lots of cute pictures.

Felicity & Uncle Ray

picking apples 

Aunty Grace & Felicity

We managed to get separated from Lowell and Faith, so they didn’t make it to many apple pictures.

It was sad to say goodbye to Grace when the time came. Ofcourse, I hate goodbye’s anyway! But, she was such a help and a pleasure to have around. We will be forever grateful to the fam for allowing her to stay for so long, and grateful to Grace for being able to put up with hanging out with us for so long, too :)



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