*In a Nut Shell

Baby Update

I am going in on November 17th to be induced!!!! Please keep us in your prayers for safe, happy, and healthy labor & delivery for baby and me. We’ll be just shy of 39 weeks, so there shouldn’t be any problems. Our little fam is so excited and very anxious to meet the newest little Lowanna! The 17th has another great significance in the greater family: It is my parents’ 25th Anniversary! How awesome that it worked out this way :)

Rachel is here to help out with the girls while Lowell is coming and going between home and the hospital, and will stay on with us until mid-December. My mom and Matthew are probably going to come out, for a few days, to lend a hand when I get home. I will post how it all went, and give you some pictures for your viewing pleasure as well, as soon as I can.

Thank you for all your prayers during what has been THEE FASTEST pregnancy I’ve had yet! I will remember you during my time spent in the hospital.


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