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Halloween & More

I bring to you a brief Halloween rundown and some recent Adventures of Faith & Felicity!

Originally, I wasn’t planning on taking the girls out to trick or treat because I couldn’t manage them both alone as Lowell was working Swings (2-midnight) that week. But, at the last minute, Lowell’s parents, Jane, and Cy made their way up here for the weekend, so Halloween was back on in the Lowell Schaper home! The day called for rain, reasonable temps, and just enough of a break in it all for the kids to trick or treat. Great! We’d already stocked up on candy to hand out, and already had one costume on hand that would fit Felicity, so I ran out and got Faith something at Wally World. Papaw and Damma were to take the four kids out that evening and I was to stay home and hand out treats.

I made some dinner, fed the girls, and then it began…

We bustled around, got costumes on, snapped some pictures, re-did hair do’s atleast 50 times, handed out treats to kids now and then, inbetween, and got things in order to send my little group happily on their way. Then, it started to rain. No, POUR! Wind and pouring rain, and with that came no more trick or treaters. But, my group thought they could handle it, so they bundled up and headed out to brave the wind and the wet. 6 minutes and 4 houses later, my group returned soaked to the skin!!! There was a little disappointment in some of the faces, but Faith and Felicity got just enough a taste of it all that they were happy as can be. Well, Felicity was scared of anybody who had even just a hat on their head, so she was MORE than happy to be home with me ;)

Cy and Faith hung out by the front door and handed out candy to the handful of kids who were die hard trick or treaters, and the rest of us just sort of putted around the house for a bit. Then, the weather broke up a bit, not so severe winds and a light sprinkle at this point. So, Papa took Jane and Cy out again, and Faith and “Damma” handed out candy. I left shortly after Papa, Jane, and Cy to take our crazy, full of energy Tobey for a much needed, LONG walk. While I was gone, they were able to hand out just about all of our candy, thank goodness, clean the kitchen, bathe the girls, and Jane & Cy came back with a nice little collection of goodies themselves. It turned out to be a nice, wet, but nice evening after all :)

My Lady Bug, a Hippie, a Load of Garbage, My Angel


What happens when you let two of your kids and the puppy out in the yard to play while switching loads of laundry???

Gettin' dirty! - Sept 2009


Why two-year-old’s need parental supervision at breakfast:

Faith poured herself a bowl of Cap'n Crunch



Sharpie Sisters  Faith the Master "Sharpie Sister" Artist  Felicity the Sly "Sharpie Sister" Accomplice   She wears her guilt well ;) 


There are reasons why it is important for Mother’s to educate their daughters on the proper way to dress when going out…

felicity's shirt (hat) & socks (gloves), bathing suit bottoms, and pajamma shirt


When all is said and done, they can be cute, though :)

Faith enjoying autumn with Tobey







Felicity + Tobey = Best Buddies






So grown up :)









Pretty Princess


One thought on “Halloween & More

  1. Yay New posts!!!! The girls are getting so big and so mischievous and so darn CUTE!!!! Looks like you guys had a great wet time on Halloween!


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