*In a Nut Shell

November 14th…

I woke up around 2 in the morning, feeling really “blah” and uncomfortable. I shrugged it off because, after all, I’d been feeling alot like this for the past few weeks. You know how it goes those final 2-3 weeks of pregnancy… I tossed and turned for some time, again, business as usual based on all my other experiences of waking up during the night. But, something very different happened this night.

At 3:45, I felt this warm gush of liquid. Now, just before I felt this, the baby had pushed down on my bladder, so I was beginning to be very upset with myself and questioning why I didn’t have the ability to hold my pee! Ugh, so I was feeling annoyed and wet, when out of nowhere the gush returned and at full speed! I pushed Lowell and said, “Honey, my water is breaking.” He shot up and asked me if I was sure, so I pulled the blanket back to reveal the pool that was filling around me. He jumped out of bed and did what all dad’s do in the movies: “Okay! So, what are we supposed to do? Do we go to the hospital? Do you need anything??” I told him to call the OB, the number is already programmed into the phonebook, and when the answering service answered he needed to tell them his wife’s water broke and we are getting ready to go to the hospital but will wait for the doctor on call to call us back before heading in. In the meantime, water is still gushing out of me, and it’s been about 7 minutes! There is finally a break in all the gushing, so I get out of bed and go to the bathroom to get out of my wet clothes. While I’m in there, I start thinking about all the stuff I want to bring with me: change of clothes, showering stuff, toothbrush, diabetic stuff, sudoku puzzle, cell phone & charger… I get changed and was in the process of doing an insulin pump set change so I didn’t have to worry about doing one, if not absolutly needed, while in the hospital, when I realized Lowell was just sitting on the edge of our bed, watching me but at the same time looking kind of dazed and confused. I propsed a question to him: “Sooo, do you want me to just head over to the hospital alone, or do you want to get dressed and come with me?” He snapped to and said, “Oh, yeah, sure, I can do that!” and hopped into action, changing his clothes, brushing his teeth, etc. I packed a back pack full of the stuff I needed, the doctor called back (it’s now 4:10), and we’re given a “Go” to go to the hospital, and we woke Rachel up to let her know what was going on. We stripped the bed down and put the sheets in the washer with my clothes, and headed out the door for a 5 minute drive to the hospital. Oh, and this whole time, I am still having these water gushes! I could not believe HOW MUCH water was STILL coming out (and continued to come out for the next hour or two)!

We got to the hospital, checked in, and to a delivery room by 4:30. They checked my cervix and I was at 3cm. (Earlier, on Friday, at my OB check up, I was at 2) I labored on my own until about 8:00. When my doctor got there, she checked me again and I was at 4cm. Not much progress for 3 1/2 hours even though I was contracting regularly, they felt “powerful” only now and then. The doc decided to start me on pitocin to help get the contractions to ALL do something, and when my body got the idea of it, we would stop it. At 8:30, I was started on a drip of 6 units, or however the measure it, an hour. The contractions didn’t change too dramatically. At 9:00, they upped it to 12. The contraction still didn’t change too much at this point. At 9:30, they upped me to 18 and by 10:00 I was in instant pain and discomfort unlike anything I remembered with my previous labors. I asked for an epidural. By 10:30 I was all set up and was told to relax and try to get some rest. Before they gave me the epi, they checked me and I was at 5cm.

At 11:20, I opened my eyes and told Lowell it was going to be very soon. Just after I finished saying that, my nurse and doctor came in to check me because the baby’s heart had changed. Sure enough I was at 10cm and pretty good and ready to go. The doc said we would try a few pushes, if nothing happened, we would wait 10-15 minutes and then really go for it then. At 11:30, I started pusing and at 11:42 George Patrick was born! 9 pounds-5.7 ounces, 21 inches long.

I can’t describe my instant love for and devotion to the new little man in my life! I really hoped to be discharged Sunday afternoon because I really don’t like staying in the hospital because the beds are awful, and our girls couldn’t come see us because the hospital set a rule, due to the swine flu, that nobody under 12 was permitted in the hospital unless they were actually a patient. I felt so bad that they weren’t able to really know what was happening even though I talked with them on the phone and Lowell brought pictures home for them to see.

We did get discharged, however, until November 17th because George had jaundice pretty bad and his bilirubin levels were higher than they should be. So, he ended up spending all of Sunday and most of Monday under UV Lights to help break it all down.

He was such a trooper through it all, though! He got to come out every 3 hours for 45 minutes so I could feed him and hold him, and I was able to go visit him whenever I wanted while he was in his little “tanning booth” :)

My mom flew into town late Monday night, with Matthew, and was the one who actually came to get George and me from the hospital Tuesday morning.

Lowell really wanted to do it, but work was busy and he wasn’t able to escape. He really wanted to see the girls faces when they saw me for the first time in 4 days and meeting their baby brother for the first time. We had the camera ready and I was extra observant, taking in every little detail for him when I walked in the door, but, wouldn’t you know, they were MORE EXCITED about the beautiful basket of flowers Lowell got me than they were about seeing me OR George! hahaha! It’s good to know they didn’t miss me toooo much – I guess ;)

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