*Our Travels

The Trip TO Virginia

We went to bed Tuesday night without a cloud in sight, yet woke up to find inches and inches of SNOW – EVERYWHERE!!! Rachel and I were to make way to Virginia with Faith, Felicity, George, and Tobey.

Oh. My. Gosh.

Lowell got the van loaded up, took it on the road to get gas and find out what the safest route to take to the freeway in the blizzard (not really blizzard, but it was nuts out there!). He got home about an hour later and then we loaded the kids, the dog, Rachel and myself into the van to set out for our adventure. We passed a bus stuck in the snow, a semi-truck the slid across the freeway and was also stuck in a bank of snow, and as we got closer to Albany, we passed the remains of a nasty accident that included 6 cars and semi-truck whose top half of the trailer was smashed in by one of the cars who apparently flew into it. A typical 30 minute drive to Albany took an hour and a half with the nasty conditions of snow and ice. But, Rachel loved it all as she’d never seen such weather in her whole life ;)

Once we got about an hour south of Albany, the weather improved a bit. We stopped to eat, feed the babies, and stretch the dog out after we’d been on the road for about 3 hours. Now THAT was a challenge.  I walked in with Felicity and a screaming, starving George while Rachel re-shoed Faith and got Tobey on his leash. Rachel brought Faith to me and continued on with Tobey, trying to get him to go potty and take a drink of water. Meanwhile, I was inside, with 2 very nosey kids, a still-crying newborn, and an incredible urge to pee.  But, how do you pee with nobody but strangers milling around to watch your kids? So, I opted to order some lunch first and wait for Rachel to come back and watch the kids so I could go to the bathroom. Around the same time the food was ready, Rachel came inside and helped me gather up the wander sisters. We got them situated, I finally fed George, and then I got to go potty – yay! HaHaHa! And, wouldn’t you know, all three kids had stinky diapers. So, I took them in the bathroom, one at a time, got them changed, and washed the swine flu from their hands before heading back to the van for more driving.

We drove a few more hours and met up with some of Lowell’s fam who drove some of the way to meet up and help with the driving. So, Ray hopped in our car to drive and Cy to hang out with the girls, and Rachel & Tobey hopped in the big van for the final leg of the trip. After a grand total of 10 1/2 hours later, we arrived safe and sound at the family’s house. I’d never been more happy to reach my final destination as I was this night!! :)

**will post pics when wordpress fixes itself**

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