*Holiday Stories

Merry Christmas & Happy 2010!

Our little family had a wonderful, quiet little Christmas. This was the first year that we got to be excited about Santa because Faith is finally old enough to understand. So, on Christmas eve, we sat around reading Christmas stories and talking about what was to come both on the Santa level and the REAL reason of Christmas: Christ’s birth.

We put the girls to bed, and when we were sure they were sleeping, we opened the door for Santa to drop the gifts off under the tree.

On Christmas morning, Lowell and I got up and started the process of getting ready for morning Mass. We decided that I would stay home with George because he had a nasty sounding cough and it didn’t seem wise to bring him out into 20 degree temps. So, while Lowell hopped in the shower, I went to the girls’ room to wake them up, feed them breakfast, and ready to leave for Church. I was buzzing around their room looking for warm clothes and talking about breakfast, Mass, and then opening presents. Felicity was up and ready to get out of her crib, but Faith was still half asleep and rolling around her bed. That is, until I asked her if she wanted to go down stairs and see if Santa Claus came. I wish I had a camera for her reaction! She SHOT UP, eye brows practically up at her hair line, eyes more than wide open, a smile from ear to ear, and an exclamation of, “Whhhaaaat???? YES! C’mon, Mommy! Let’s go see!” She bolted out of her bed and like lightning, made her way to their bedroom door. Oh man, it was so awesome! I was expecting excitement, but this was even more than what I imagined. I had to stop her in her tracks, telling her we had to wait for Daddy to go down and see (I couldn’t let him miss out on the reaction, especially after what I’d seen in her bed 30 seconds before). So, she ran to our room and (luckily!) Daddy was out and shaving. Faith pushed the bathroom door open and in her “Faithinese” told him to hurry up so we could go down stairs to see if Santa Claus came with presents. Sure enough, Daddy did, and we were on our way, again, down the stairs.

Faith’s face was … PRICELESS! She was so impressed to see that Santa really came AND with presents too. (She kept talking about how Santa came through the front door as she figured out on her own that it was the only logical way he could get in if you don’t have a fireplace!) Naturally, she and Felicity wanted to jump in and tear them all open, but we told them, again, how this day was about Jesus’ birth so we were going to go to Mass BEFORE we opened our presents. They were pretty obliging and cooperative with eating and getting ready & out the door. It was a sweet sight to see. While they were gone, I got myself ready, and made some coffee and cinnamon rolls for when they got home.

We had a nice time opening presents, or should I say watching the girls’ faces while they opened presents ;) and spent the rest of the day enjoying each others company. In the late afternoon, we put a ham in the oven and made an awesome scallop potato dish and enjoyed some Tassies, that I’d made the night before, for dessert.

We didn’t do anything special to bring in the New Year. Infact, I went to bed at 10:45 and Lowell came to bed sometime after that, but before midnight. We all got up bright and early on New Year’s day, went to Mass for the Holy Day, and spent the rest of the day hanging out at home.

Really, that’s all the latest with us. I wish I could show you some of the pictures we’ve taken from Christmas, and our VA pics, too, but wordpress is still having problems. Or, maybe they’ve made changes that I’ve failed to read and catch up on? At any rate, we hope you have had a most beautiful Christmas season and pray that this year is filled with countless joys and blessings for you and your’s!


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