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As you may know from clicking around my blog (Pursuit of Holiness), I receive sermons each week, that Fr. Chrysostom gives, by email since we don’t hear about much “powerful stuff” from our pulpits on the east coast. I was very moved by what I was reading in sermons that I have been getting caught up on this evening, and found two things I just HAD to share.

“…we should recall that many people judge how many children they plan on having based on affordability. But which is subordinate to which? Are children a limited commodity in a set economic bracket, or is money to be spent on raising children? When we arrive at the judgment seat of Christ, will we ask Jesus to remember the saints we raised for His kingdom, or will we defend ourselves that we were industrious and maintained an impressive portfolio? We could apply to ourselves the popular moral litmus test, What would Jesus do? What would Jesus do? When I read the Gospel, I see that Jesus was poor and welcomed children.”
(Oct 11, 2009-St. Kilian’s)

“Is there something better we could be doing? Are we afraid of annoying Jesus by talking about His mother too much? St. Padre Pio was asked by his religious superior one afternoon how many rosaries he had said so far that day. Thirty-four. And he’s a canonized saint. We uncanonized saints could at least say one. Is there maternal solicitude greater than Mary’s? Is there intercession more powerful? Is there a heart more pro-life? Or is it rather that we are spiritually lazy? Let us take up again and again the holy beads with our fingers and the Hail Mary with our lips so as to return our world to a love of life, from its creation in the womb all the way to its glorification in heaven. Amen.”
(Oct 11, 2009-St. Michael’s)


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