*Random Goodness

My New Fav!

Recently, two family members have gotten married and I made them Scrap/Cookbooks for wedding gifts.

I hunted down family and close friends, on his and her sides of the family, told them what I was working on, and asked them to share two or three of their favorite recipes. I also asked for hand written recipes from their moms, grandmas, and godmothers. What a great momentum to have for years to come: a hand written favorite recipe from someone so close. After a few weeks, I had an inbox FULL of recipes from loved ones and I set myself to work.

I put them all together on a Word document with some fancy fonts and printed them out on colored paper. Then, I cut and pasted them onto the pages of an 8 1/2″ x 8 1/2″ scrap book. I was able to fit 3-4 recipes per page along with some cute extras. When opening the book, you find a list of who donated favorite recipes to the book. Next, I laid it out with helpful tips and advice for the kitchen, followed by seasonings/rubs/sauces, side dishes, chicken, pork, beef, and desserts with the names of who donated it typed under the name of the dish. Ofcourse, they will be able to add to these books as they aquire more recipes over time and can change it up accordingly.

Anyway, I LOVED doing this! It is my new favorite thing to do! It was so much fun and not too difficult at all. I wanted to tell you about it to kind of spread the word. I know it isn’t an entirely unique idea, and that in posting this I might inspire my scrapping friends, but if you are interested in doing something like this for a wedding, birthday, or just because, let me know! I’d love to do it for you, so long as you don’t mind donating a little money for scrap-paper supplies and a book. We’d also have to get together on who to get in touch with, work out a deadline to have the recipes in by, etc.


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