*Random Goodness

The Brown Elephant

Last night, I dreamed that I went to a grocery store with my mom, Lowell, Faith, and Felicity. Faith and Felicity were both older (Faith 5, Felicity 3) and I didn’t see George, until later on, in Lowell’s arms. He was still a baby.

I was walking behind my mom, who was walking behind Lowell pushing the cart with the girls in it. We were walking down a narrow “main aisle” and I looked to the right and found the cereal. The family continued on, but I went down the cereal aisle to grab a box or two. On the right side, there was your typical cereals. Cap’n Crunch, Lucky Charms, Cheerios, etc. On the left side, though, there was this elephant cereal displayed in all sorts of different forms. Some of it was in boxes, some of it was in bags, and some of it was on a plate as a whole “figurine” of the elephant face, and the elephant in the zoo, and the elephant playing with kids with balloons. I gathered from these plates that you were to take them home and shake the bag that wrapped it, or crush it, in order to break it down to cereal sized pieces to eat. So, I’m holding a box of Cheerios and I am marveling over the fact that there is SO MANY options to eat such a strange cereal with a brown elephant character when I realize that this elephant is coming toward me from the main aisle!

It smiles and says, “Are you gonna pick me? Pick me! Pick me!” I didn’t know what to think. I brushed it off, made my way around it, and started toward the main aisle to find my family. But, the elephant followed me! “Hey! Aren’t you gonna pick me? Pick me! Pick me!” I got back to the main aisle, walked a couple yards, and the grocery store turned into a book store type place. The brown elephant was still following me, laughing and giggling the whole time. I saw Lowell with George a few aisles up, and crossed Faith and Felicity who were both bent over looking at some books on a lower shelf. So, I went an aisle up and came around to be next to the girls, but then the elephant started running after me! So, I ran up another aisle and it ran parallel to me up the aisle next to it. All the while, it is laughing and giggling, smiling, and saying, “Hey! Look at me! Pick me!” I went down another aisle and found Felicity. She was bent over a book so I bent down and curled myself up as best I could, trying to hide from this weird brown elephant! It worked for a short while, then the elephant found me hiding behind Felicity and started toward me, laughing, and as I was getting up to run away, feeling really annoyed, I woke up to Felicity crying. (I went to check on her and she couldn’t find her blanket, so I got her situated and tucked in again.)

When I was getting settled into my bed again, I was thinking about my dream and started laughing, out loud, that I just dreamed about a brown elephant chasing me around a store! Who does that?! It wasn’t a huge, life like elephant. Infact, it was just a bit bigger than Tobey and was kind of cartoon-like. HaHaHaHa! Oh man, I giggle about it now as I type about it for you to read. I believe it is entirely safe to say that that is the strangest dream I have ever had! :)

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