*In a Nut Shell

Three Years Old

We celebrated Faith’s third birthday this weekend. It is amazing to think that she’s already so grown up! It seems like only yesterday when I found out I was pregnant with her; how fast that went by and before I knew it, I was holding her in my arms for the first time. I was a mommy and she was the beautiful little person who made the title a reality :)

In the weeks leading up to her birthday, we talked alot about what she wanted to do. She said she wanted to have “birthday hats” and cupcakes with sprinkles. When I asked her what kind of cupcakes she wanted, she said she wanted “Brown” ones and she wanted “brown” frosting too. So, we invited her little pal, Alyssa, and her family (the Meyers’) over, and at the last minute, Lowell invited a new family, the Barker’s, over as well. With our three kids, the Barker’s four, and Meyers’ two, we had 9 kids under 6 running around. It was fun to have a house full of kids! I made enchiladas for the adults and chicken nuggets & fresh strawberries and oranges for the kids.

After a few hours of playing, and after we ate dinner and cleaned up a bit, we all gathered ’round to watch Faith open presents. She opened our gift first. We got her a collection of Disney Princesses: Ariel, Snow White, Jasmine, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Belle, Pocahontas, and Mulan. Her absolute most favorite thing nowadays is princesses. She loves their fancy dresses for “dancing” and their pretty crowns too! She was so excited, I loved to see her face as she unwrapped the little set. Then she opened a gift from Lowell’s parents, Grandma and Papaw. They got her a magnadoodle and a giant coloring pad with Cars on it. Then she opened coloring books and a “hair do kit” from Alyssa, and a Barbie Bride from the Barker family. This girl is now OFFICIALLY in princess heaven!! She loves to color, too, so she is well set up with her treasured hobbies. She sits with her barbie and princesses and makes them twirl around as “they” talk about dancing. I love to see her little imagination unfold. My mom was right, as usual, it’s around 3 years that kids start to understand birthdays and holidays, and it is SO FUN to take part in their excitement.

After presents, everybody gathered around the dining room table and Lowell brought out a platter of “brown” cupcakes with “brown” frosting and sprinkles with three pink lit candles as we sang “Happy Birthday!” Faith was ALL  smiles and giggles, it was very sweet. It took her a couple times, but she was finally able to blow them all out and everybody was served some yummy “brown” goodness ;)

After a day full of phone calls from loved ones and an evening of fun, we bid our guests farewell. Faith still talks about her birthday and how much fun she had with the kids. I love birthdays, but what I love more than that is the sparkle in my kids’ eyes on their birthdays!

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