*In a Nut Shell


Tonight, we were all reading books. Faith and Felicity were listening to me read a story, while running back and forth from the book case, reading their own books. (I guess they weren’t really listening to me then!)

At one point, Faith was reading a book and “pulled out two balloons” from the pages for her and Felicity to play with. She walked across the room, “holding two balloons on their strings,” and said, “Here, Uhwicity, I got the bawoon. Here, take one.” But, Felicity did not want one of Faith’s “balloons,” so said, “No dee do!” (no thank you) and ran off. Faith got so upset by this, she started to cry and chased Felicity around the room, still “holding the balloons,” saying, “Here! Take one! Take one!” THEN! Felicity started crying!! “Nooo! I no want it! Noooo!”

I watched this scene unfold before me with my mouth dropped open. When it was all over I burst into laughter. There’s just nothing like witnessing your children fight and cry over imaginary balloons!!


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