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So It Begins

For so long now, we have been anticipating the day we find out where we are going next. Find out where the next chapter in life would be based from. On Tuesday, we got word that we are penciled in for a grand move to San Diego and a home spot on the Reagan. I’m so excited and nervous that I really can’t think about it!

Lowell spoke with the detailer and he said that the only opening the Navy has right now is on the Reagan. So, unless something monumental happens to change the plan, we are headed to sunny So Cal in November! Naturally, it isn’t official until it actually happens, when it comes to the military, nothing is concrete until it has happened, so until then, it’s Jell-O. ;)

Lowell will go to Steam Plant Maintenance School when we get out there. That lasts for 2-2 1/2 months. Then, he’ll report to the Reagan. But, the Reagan is leaving for an up-to-9 month deployment in January(!!!), so he may have to fly out to meet it somewhere. (We know about the deployment because our good friends, the Perry’s, are in San Diego and Stephen is stationed on the Reagan.) It’s going to be great to have friends, the Perry’s, and our other friends, the Eckel’s, who are also moving out there this summer, not to mention my family and so many friends an hour+ north of there as well … Especially with an immediate deployment for Lowell. There is alot that is going to happen in these next months leading up to our move, and ofcourse while we’re living a new kind of Navy life. Stay tuned for the exciting adventures of our “Deployment Days”!!


3 thoughts on “So It Begins

  1. That would be so awesome if it happens! San Diego is beautiful and it much much closer to your family (and us!) I’m gonna pray that you do get to come to San Diego and that everything goes according to plan (His plan of course) :)


  2. We just got our “Request For Orders”–the Army’s official written in Jell-O notice of where one moves next– and I was thinking about the mindset we military wives have. As we drove into town last July and I breathed a sigh of contentment about being “home”, I immediately began to calculate how long it would be until we drove out again. My friend Maryan says she’s scrubbing her house and soul this Lent, and I’m right with her. We’re leaving all unnecessary physical and spiritual baggage behind. :) I’m so excited that you got a great assignment!


  3. It’s so true about the mindset we are programmed to have. Everytime I think to myself, “I will deep clean this later,” I think about moving and how deep cleaning as I go now will make the “big move clean” easier. I am already plotting and planning things out, making schedules in my head. Really, I need to start jotting it down before it gets to be more than my brain can keep track of on it’s own. In the process of it all, I too am in the process of taking advantage of this lenten season for spiritual renewal. I am attacking it with a rosary in one hand and a vacuum in the other ;)
    Rachel, you were just stationed there, you are already receiving word for ANOTHER move so soon? Where does the Jell-O say you’ll go this time?


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