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Road Trip

So, if our Jell-O does turn concrete, and we do end up going to San Diego, we are planning a huge roadtrip across America!

The general idea is this:

Leave New York;
Drive to Virginia, see Lowell’s fam for 4-5 days;
Drive to North Carolina, see the Army Gatlin’s for a day (if they’ve reported to their post by then, otherwise we’ll skip NC and head straight to our next destination);
Drive to Tennessee, see the Atchley’s, Cooke’s, Ghering’s, Salter’s, and Jojola’s for a day or two;
Drive to Missouri, see Grandma Basler and the other Basler relatives for a day or two;
Drive to Arkansas, see the Harbaugh family for a day (if they’re up to having us, otherwise we’ll skip a stop in AR and head straight to our next destination);
Drive to Texas, see the Sipe’s, Burud’s, and Walker’s for 3-4 days;

After Texas, we’re still up in the air as to whether we will drive straight on to So Cal, or head a more northern route to see Lowell’s greater family, who all live in San Jose, CA, before driving south. It all depends on how we’re holding up, when we need to report, when our house is arriving (that is if we have something set up ahead of time…we are hoping to buy, but will probably just rent. My dad is going to help us with the scouting. One of the major benefits for having a Dad who is a real estate broker!),  how done we are with the road, whether I am pregnant or not (scary, but always a possibility!), etc. 

Did I mention we have to do all of this with Tobey, our [for now] 100 pound, gynormous American Bulldog puppy?


One thought on “Road Trip

  1. And then you will stop at the Hill house so we can introduce our newest additions :) Can’t wait to hear if (when) this all becomes real.


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