*In a Nut Shell

Trash Day

Last night, I kept telling the girls to pick up their toys because they were EVERYWHERE and Tobey was eating a few up every time he had the chance. But, like all little kids, when they have “better stuff to do”, they wouldn’t listen. Then I told them I was going to throw all their toys away if they didn’t come pick them up “this instant!” Nothing. So, I pulled out a trash bag and started picking up toys for the trash man, thinking this would get them for sure. Nope! They helped me put the toys into the trash bag AND made sure there was room in the can to put them in there when we finished.


I left them in the trash only to sneak the toys back into the toy box when I was sure they were sound asleep. My cousin, Melia, told me they’re too young to “care” about that sort of thing yet. It’s back to the drawing board…


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