*In a Nut Shell

Tender Hearted

Faith and Felicity are both so caring in their own little ways. I have been paying attention, lately, to how Faith is “vocally” concerned for your well-being. She asks if you’re okay if you smack your head into an opened cupboard, or stub your toe on an out-of-place chair, etc. Then she will come to kiss your “owie” for you. She is pretty concerned for George, but won’t really go too far out of her way to console his tears if she is “busy” with something else. Felicity, on the other hand, is quite … emotionally different from that! She is very bothered, often to tears, when George cries and I can’t get to him. It seems she can’t stand the helpless not being helped! 

About a month ago, they were watching Ice Age for the 19,868,732,298 time and it came to the scene where all the animals are walking along, and the baby that they’re trying to get back to his “herd” is crying because he’s hungry. Well, the saber, Diego, tries to play peek-a-boo with the baby, hoping to make him happy, but it doesn’t really help and the story continues on with them trying to find a cure for this crying baby. Anyway, while Diego is playing peek-a-boo, it is a little intimidating, I guess you can say, the way he gets in the baby’s face while doing it. So, there Faith and Felicity are, watching this scene unfold, and Felicity BURSTS INTO TEARS!! She came to me crying, “Baby, baby” and pointing to the tv. I told her it was okay, they were playing and getting the baby some food. I though it a little odd, but shrugged it off. Then, two weeks ago, they were watching The Jungle Book and in the beginning, after baby Mowgli is found, Bagheera takes him to a wolf pack that has recently been “blessed with a new litter of puppies” so they could feed him. Felicity was suddenly alarmed by the fact that this huge black cat was carrying the baby around in a basket, and when the big cat shoves the basket to make Mowgli cry, to get the attention of the wolf pack, she had another melt down! Cried and cried “baby, baby!” it doesn’t help the fact, either, that the family takes the baby into their cave and the next scene Mowgli is 10. Poor girl doesn’t realize the “growing up” concept and always wants to know where the baby went! And, last night, we were getting ready to pray the rosary and started talking about Jesus and Mother Mary. After about ten minutes of talking and question answering, Felicity looked up at our 3 ft x 2 ft crucifix we have hanging over our couch, pointed to Jesus and said, “oooh, Jesus…Jesus? JESUS!” and started to cry. It was so moving to see her so saddened at our Lord suffering on the cross for us, but so sad that we couldn’t explain it for her little 1-year-old brain to comprehend. Lowell scooped her up so she could kiss His “owies” and brought her to our statue of The Sacred Heart so she could see Jesus in His Resurrected Glory so she could be reassured of His being “all better”. Today, she’s wanted to stop and examine all our crucifixes throughout the house. If you’ve been to our house, you know that it is FULL of religious pictures, statues, and crucifixes on practically every wall, so she’s made alot of stops!

And, today, I made a tragic mistake: I put on Ice Age again. So much for all that “paying attention” huh? So, things start to unfold for the baby and the animals, and here is Felicity, bawling her eyes out! I tried to console her, and it worked until something else would happen, then it was water works all over again. I tried to turn it off but she would NOT have it. I think she needed to watch it through so she could have closure to the baby’s well-being by being reunited with his “herd” at the end of the movie. In watching it with her, though, I felt like most guys must feel when watching a sobby-chick flick with their sisters, wife, or girl friend. She literally sniffed and cried through the entire thing.

I don’t know what I should be preparing myself for: a drama queen or an extremely passionate hearted girl who will be sensitive to all of life’s negativity. At this point, it looks like the latter, but I can also see it easily developing into the former. It is so interesting being a parent and watching your kids grow into their own little person each day!


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