*In a Nut Shell

On Bended Knee

After Lowell disciplines the kids, or simply wants to be at “their level” to have an important discussion about something, he drops a knee and motions for them to come over to him with his hand. They walk over to him, he wraps them in a hug while kind of sitting them on the other knee, and tells them he loves them and proceeds to talk to them about whatever it is he wants or needs to talk about. It is a sweet approach, I think, that lets the kids know that they’re always loved and shouldn’t “fear” their daddy under any kind of circumstances.

Recently, Faith has been dropping a knee as well. She was upset with Felicity the other day when they were playing in the backyard. She kept calling and calling, but Felicity flat out refused to give in to Faith’s bossiness. Finally, Faith got sssooo mad, she marched over to Felicity and said, “Tee-tee! UM – MEEEEE!” translated*, “Felicity, COME HEEEEEERE!” But, Felicity turned her back and kept at whatever it was she was doing. Faith stood there a minute, walked 5 feet away, dropped a knee, and very calmly said, “Um mee, Tee-tee, um mee,” while motioning with her hand. Felicity turned around and saw Faith down on one knee and gave her thee funniest, scrunched eyebrow face I’ve ever seen her make! You can tell she was thinking “what the hell heck are you doing?!” and, instead of going over to see what Faith wanted, she began making attempts at dropping a knee of her own. So, there was Faith on one side of the yard, on bended knee, all calm and collected, still repeating her request for “Tee-tee” to “um mee,” and there was Felicity on the other side, trying to get in on the totally awesome “come hither” style her big sister was portraying. Just when she’d get in the right position, she’d manage to lose her footing and fall on her butt, every time! Oh, it is so funny! Faith’s done it a few other times where she gets all annoyed with Felicity because they can’t decide on a movie or work out sharing certain toys. Faith goes and drops a knee and beckons for Felicity with the motion of a hand… If I can record it and find a way to share it with you, I will. It is so funny the dramatic change in attitude and how prim and proper she looks down on one knee, motioning for Felicity…and her facial expression! I didn’t even attempt to explain that; it’s just too much. These girls are a daily show of giggles for me.

*Faith still doesn’t speak super clear, though she has improved a great deal lately. I joke that she is part Vietnamese and part Italian. When she has something to say really fast, and doesn’t want to take the time to annunciate her words, she spits out all the random gibberish that sounds similar to the humming conversation that takes place in nail salons between all the employees. And, when she takes the time to speak clearly, she speaks with what sounds like an Italian accent. It cracks me up!


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