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Easter Tid Bits

I gave up facebook for Holy Week and got alot accomplished. I gave up the computer entirely from Holy Thursday until Easter morning and really got to the bottom of some serious issues like making personal realizations and having my eyes opened to how GREATLY the Lord has blessed me. And, issues like my disgusting walls with pint size, dirty hand prints (the dirtiness consisting of dirt, slobber, and random food-yeeeuck!) all around the kitchen, up the stairs, throughout the living room, and all around just about every doorway were taken care of with 5 wet towels and a few hours of my day. But, I felt like a new woman afterward! I spent all of Saturday deep cleaning everything I could get my hands on, taking pitstops along the way to feed George and talk with Faith about what sound each letter of the alphabet makes. (she knows most of the sounds now and knows all the letters! numbers are going really well, too…that is for another blog, though.) So, after spic-n-spanning the house, I made chilli dogs for an early dinner, got ourselves showered and ready, and we were out the door at 6:55 for the Easter Vigil that started at 7:30.

It was such a beautiful Mass. Two people were baptized, and one made his profession of faith making a grand total of three new “Family Members” and and an additional four people were confirmed. I haven’t been to many Easter Vigil Masses, but I wouldn’t mind make it a yearly tradition. It is such an amazing experience from a candle-lit church, all the singing, prayers, and readings to ALL the lights coming on and the Gloria being sung again after having not been sung during Lent … Oh! I just love it! ;) Mass wasn’t over until 9:45, and it was a little tough on the little people, but it was still worth it.

Once we got home and got the kids tucked in, I went out and got some things for the kids’ Easter baskets. I put them all together, filled up some plastic eggs, and set the baskets out on the kitchen table for them to see when they woke up Sunday morning. And, wouldn’t you know, they walked down the stairs and right by the baskets! It wasn’t too hard to miss, I mean the first thing you see coming down the stairs is the kitchen table. They eventually took interest and only wanted to get into the goodies and treats all day long. When Lowell got home from work later in the afternoon, we all walked to the park and hung out for about an hour or so while dinner was in the oven.

Funny mention about the Vigil Mass:
When Father was baptizing the new converts, the girls stopped what they were doing and blessed themselves as Father said “In the name of The Father, and of The Son, and of the Holy Spirit” and then they’d say, rather loudly I might add, “AMEN!” HaHaHa!

A Good Friday Honorable Mention:
Felicity was SO thirst during Friday evening’s service that she even asked me for one of “George’s baba’s” – hahhahha

A statement that was made during the Vigil Mass that has raised a question in my mind:
“God bless you! You have your hands full. You are a brave woman.” What does that mean, “you are a brave woman”? People say that kind of thing to me each and every week. Is it a nice way of telling me I’m out of my mind for having so “many” so close? Are they telling me “hey, weirdo, great job! keep up the good work”? Are they simply just saying that I’m brave in bringing them out of the house at any given hour it might be because it might be nap/bedtime? But, when anybody tells me “Oh boy, you have your hands full!” I respond, “Yes, FULL of beautiful blessings!” with a great big, cheesy smile. I know my hands are full, but it is going to get easier in another year or so… or I might always have my hands “full” as I’m pretty much always pregnant or have a breastfeeding baby. I really just want to know what they see in our family or what things go through their mind that causes them the NEED to lean over in the middle of Mass to tell me one or all of the above mentioned phrases. Is it pure kindness or is there a hidden meaning? I should just let things like that go, hahahaha!, but I am always on the defensive when it comes to things like this. Isn’t it awful??

Happy and Joyous Easter to you and your’s! :)

2 thoughts on “Easter Tid Bits

  1. I get that all the time too. I wish strangers would just keep their mouths shut unless it is to say something nice or how about, ” can I help you with the baby?’ Can I get the door for you?
    The other day I was told I was crazy. I said nope, just very blessed and whipped out the pictures of all nine.
    Maybe someone could tell me which one shouldn’t be here? How about that, huh?


  2. No, not awful at all. I get it all the time…wow, are they all yours? Oh MY! I could never have more than my two, I’d kill myself!…You are so brave to have than many… Are you done yet?…Its very frustrating trying to figure out if they mean well or are being sarcastic and spiteful…I like your approach of the cheesy smile and reminding them that they are YOUR blessings. :)


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