I was browsing the news this morning and a story about breastfeeding caught my attention. It still has room to “grow” in details, but it is interesting just the same.


In my birthing experiences, the doctors and nurses have not given bottles to my breastfed-intended babies, unless I asked them to. Like, with George, he breastfed AND bottlefed the first few days because 1) he was huge and needed more than what I had, and 2) it helped his body rid itself of bilirubin (excess red blood cells) that causes jaundice because with all that food means more wet & dirty diapers which is one of the ways the body excretes bilirubin.

One thing this article doesn’t mention is how exclusively breastfeeding for atleast 6 months could potentially “reduce the cost of contraception” as many women probably wouldn’t need it as alot of them might be super sensative to that breastfeeding hormone that delays your body’s return to fertility. We will leave that for the “room to grow” part of this research…


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