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Move Plan #14

We have been tossing around all of our moving options and possibilities. It’s all still a ways off, and we still need our Jell-O to turn concrete, but we can still look around and talk about it, right?

Anyway, the most recent idea was this:
#14 – My dad fly out to NY and we rent a truck. Lowell and my dad load up the truck, we bid New York farewell, and drive (caravan) to Virginia. The kids and I stay in Virginia with the family, and Lowell and my dad drive the truck across the country, Lowell unloads, gets our things settled, flies back to Virginia, then we proceed with our cross-country road trip visiting family and friends. Now, one of the bits of, shall we say “fine print,” was that Lowell and my dad would drive with Tobey in the cab, that way we wouldn’t have to deal with him on our long excursion.

I told my mom about this and she thought for sure my dad would go along with everything but the Tobey part. If you thought I wasn’t a dog person, you haven’t met my dad! So, we laughed and said that we’d wait until the day Lowell and my dad headed out to spring the little Tobey detail on him. (keeping in mind, ofcourse, that this all is only a possibility) Well, my mom was looking at some of my pictures on facebook, of Tobey pulling the girls in their wagon, and was commenting to my dad about how BIG Tobey is, then she said something about having to move all the way across the country with him and my dad said, “Well it’s a good thing I don’t have to move with him…” and my mom started laughing, totally giving up the plan! So, then my dad got on facebook and typed the following message to me:

” Plan 14: Riding in a car across the United States of America with that dog is not happening…in fact not even down the street… :) Plan 15″

Maybe he doesn’t realize it wasn’t even a CAR but the cab of a moving truck the three of them would be all cozied up in! Anyway, when I got on and saw that we’d been discovered, I laughed so hard!

Sooo, that is idea #14 … we will see whatelse we come up with. But, I had to share this one because it made me laugh :)


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