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Nothing Like a Surprise

This weekend, we drove to Virginia and surprised the family for our 4-day. I told Domonique we were coming so that she could get time off of work, but nobody else knew or had the slightest inclination. So, at 11:45 Thursday evening, we rolled up and rang the doorbell. Everybody who was awake totally flipped out, it was great! Dom ran upstairs to wake Papaw and Grandma up and Papaw was quite disoriented about it at first. But, when it finally clicked, Dom said he hopped outta bed real quick! It was alot of fun to pop in like that; I just love surprises! The girls acted pretty shy at first, but I think that mostly had to do with the hour. George, on the other hand, was all smiles and was ooed & aww’d all over. I love to show our kids off to the family! Eventually, the girls came around, but we piled them all off to bed so they could get some sleep before getting spoiled the rest of the weekend ;)

It was a perfect weekend, only getting slightly chilly on Sunday. Friday, the girls and Clare and I all went out and got our nails done, then we had “date night” that evening and went to dinner with Lowell’s parents and Samm & Ray. Saturday, we helped Clare pack up her house (her hubby is at Officer Candidate School for the Navy and they’re only going to have a few short days between graduation and reporting to their station in Florida, so we helped her get a step ahead of the game) and then we spent the evening hanging out with the fam. On Sunday, we went to Mass and then went to the Gallaher’s for dinner. We headed home on Monday and brought Grace along, so we will be going back to Virgina on our next 4-day so we can bring her home. It’s always nice to have an excuse to get down there and see everybody!


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