*In a Nut Shell

Four Years of Bliss

This week, we celebrated our fourth wedding anniversary. Four years! I feel so accomplished when I think over all that’s happened since we exchanged our vows and I get excited to think about many more wonderful, blessed years to come.

Lowell is on swings this week (2-midnight shift), so we didn’t plan on doing much. After breakfast with the kids, he took me out for some coffee and to just sit, talk and hang out by ourselves for a few hours. It was so nice to get to do that! When we got home, he ordered some lunch for all of us, and I got myself and Faith ready to go as she had a last minute doctor’s appointment. Lunch came, lunch was “inhaled,” and Faith and I were out the door. I was sad our anniversary was “over” but I kept in mind that we’d maybe do something next week on his night off. I got home from the doctor, put some chicken out to thaw for dinner, and was feeding George when Lowell walked in the door with bags of groceries!! I was totally blown away to see him, I tried to say about thirty different things but just stammered and tripped all over myself. I was SO surprised! I guess while I was gone, he hung out at home for a little while then went out to get some things. Come to find out, he requested Special Liberty a few weeks ago and had planned to spend the day with me. Then, when we were able to bring Grace home, he planned to take me out for coffee and just stay out the whole day. But, Faith had to see the doctor at the last minute and I okayed an appointment on our anniversary because I knew Lowell would be going to work. Anyway! It was such a great surprise. He brought me Season 4 of Little House on The Prairie and You’ve Got Mail, and he got all that was needed to make Filet Minon and Tira Misu for dinner & dessert. I felt so spoiled receiving all of that after he already made the BIGGEST sacrifice for me last week:

Tobey moved out.

My adoring husband packed up the second love of his life, and all his belongings, and moved him out to a friend from work who lives just outside of town. Lowell came home from work, loaded Tobey and all his things into the truck, and had the girls go kiss him goodbye. Okay, I will admit that I cried about all of this. (I know, I know…WHY?!) I cried because I suddenly felt SO TERRIBLE about all the complaining I did about him, and now my husband and kids were saying goodbye to their bestest pal and it was my fault. I could see it in Lowell’s face that he was very upset and even angry, but he was still doing it for me because he loved me and told me that my happiness meant more to him than his prized, humongous puppy that he was so proud of. I loved him for it, I still love him for it, but it was the worst look I’d ever seen on his face. It has been over a week now, and the subject of Tobey is still a little touchy, but it is getting alot better I think. He loves his new home and his new daddy. It makes me feel a little better about it all to know that he is in a good place and that he will be well taken care of, and I have felt like a huge weight has been lifted from me. I told Lowell we should just stay in touch with his friend, and when we get settled in Texas some day, he can get a Tobey great grand puppy or something because he was sure to let me know we will be getting another dog when we are settled. Anyway, after it was all said and done, he said he did it as an anniversary gift, so when he did all those other things for me on our anniversary, I felt very overwhelmed by all the love and attention my husband showers me with. ♥

As for my gift to Lowell? Well, he spent a long time designing this image of a Confederate Flag that has a bulldog jumping out of it wearing a white sailor hat and smoking a cigar. He was so proud of it once he completed it and often wondered what he was going to do with it. Make it into a sticker for his truck, have it put on a t-shirt, something. But, he never imagined doing what I did with it. I had it made into a 54×70 blanket. I had him open it shortly after he walked in the door and surprised me. I wish I knew how to describe his face. He was SO SO SO excited to see his design on his favorite kind of blanket, and I was very excited to see him so surprised as it is nearly impossible to surprise that man. He talked about it for … well, he still talks about it! HaHaHa! I took some pictures of him opening it and I got one shot that captures his emotion on his face so well. The only problem was my flash was off so it turned out a little dark. But! He loves it and I had alot of fun working on having it made.

This year was so blessed and so wonderful. We’ve grown closer, more selfless, and holier. I, once again, thank the Lord for His greatest blessing to me, and I look forward to continue growing closer, more selfless, and even holier with my best friend & love of my life. I love you, Lowell! ♥


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