*In a Nut Shell

The Things They Come Up With

Felicity: Can I nurse? x1000 times a day.
Mom: No, you can not nurse! *eeeww!* (hahaha)

Faith: What’s Georgie drinkin’?
Mom: Milk.
Faith: Noooo, the milk’s in the fridge…*pause* He’s drinkin’ soda!
Mom: Well, okay. George is drinking soda.
Faith: Can I have some soda too??

Mom: Time for bed!
Felicity: No, rosary.
Mom: Okay, get the rosaries so we can pray.
Felicity: No, bed!

Faith: Mommy, you’re a princess. You are Cindawewwa. Go dance with Daddy!
Mom: Daddy is sleeping. We’ll dance when he wakes up.
Faith: Go kiss him! He will wake up like on the princess movie!

I looked out, the other evening, to find my daughters had stripped to their birthday suits in the back yard. Isn’t that awkward??? I guess not: Yesterday, Faith walked to the playground across the street…half in her birthday suit! She snuck out after going potty, and everytime she potties, everything from the waste down MUST come off. Freedom must be refreshing in their opinion, but it is quite literally embarrassing in mine.

George, my little rollie pollie man, has gone scootin crazy! This morning, he chased a cup from the middle of my living room, around the couch and almost to the back door, in record time too! He loves to return kisses with a wide open slobber mouth on your cheek. And, he can almost push himself into a sitting position from the crawling position!

I love my babies! ♥


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