*In a Nut Shell

Life Teen

We went to the evening Mass tonight. It was a Life Teen Mass. You know, the kind of Mass with guitars, drums, and other random instruments, a projection board with musical lyrics, etc. It’s a very charismatic atmosphere to say the least. I don’t think our girls have ever been to a Life Teen Mass….before tonight.

They were rocking out during the Gloria, totally getting in to it, shaking their hips and all. When the music finished, and before Father could say, “Let us pray,” Felicity says, at the top of her lungs, “Aaaallllllll doooooone!” The whole church started laughing, even Father.

We don’t usually do the holding hands thing while praying the Our Father, but everybody at this church does. So, we were praying the Our Father and Felicity noticed that these people were holding hands. She scooted over to me, grabbed my hand, and held out her free hand the way people do when they don’t have someone to hold hands with. Then she whispered and motioned to me, “Mommy, dis way. Do dis.” She wanted me to hold out my free hand, too.

The sign of peace came and we kissed and shook hands with each other, then Faith and Felicity, like they always do, went to work on a mission to shake each and every person’s hand that is in reaching distance…and not in reaching distance. Well, I think Faith noticed that people were handing out the “peace sign” to their friends across the church because the next thing I knew, there was Faith giving everyone the “peace sign” and smiling, just like the other folks.

Needless to say, I had a very enjoyable Mass. I snickered and giggled just about the whole time, especially when the girls would bust out dancing everytime the music & choir started going. And when we were outside, walking to our van, I laughed out loud the whole way. My kids crack. me. up.! :D


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