*Our Travels

Sooooooooo Cali

We ventured out to the west coast to visit my fam last week. We flew out on the 15th and stayed for a week. While we were there, we enjoyed ourselves immensely! My aunt and her family were there, and so was my sister & nephew. James flew in from Kansas, where he is going to college, and both my brothers (John with Mary & their baby, Jillian, and Andrew & his fiance, Sammi) came up to visit too.

On Wednesday, Rachel brought some horses to the house and Faith died and went to heaven! She was so excited to not only see them, but ride them too!! :) On Thursday, my pal, Erin, brought her 5 kids up and hung out for the day. Although it was a little difficult to have uninterrupted conversation, we had lots of fun catching up. Later that evening, we celebrated my uncle Rusty’s birthday with tacos, beer, and an ice cream cake my Aunty made. On Friday evening, one of my best friends growing up, Ashley, got married. She was a beautiful bride and her husband is SUCH A GREAT GUY! Congrats again, you two ♥ I was able to see alot of childhood friends and catch up with them at the reception that was held at Ashley’s parents’ house. Father Chrysostom married them, so that gave us an oppurtunity to see him for a bit as well. I wish it could have been a longer evening, there just wasn’t enough time to talk a long while with everyone. It was so much fun, though!

We spent time with Lowell’s Uncle Bryan and his boys & Cindy on Saturday afternoon, and on Sunday, Father’s Day, we went to Mass and then did family pictures. We did the 15 siblings, then we did one with the spouses & grandbabies in it too. I recently got to see how it turned out, and I must say, I come from a goooood lookin’ family! I will scan the pic when I get my copy and post it somewhere on here for you to see. Monday we just relaxed some and prepared to hit the skies BRIGHT-AND-EARLY that Tuesday morning.

I barely saw Faith the whole week. She had a blast playing with her aunts and uncles, and cousins, and the puppies that were born just a few weeks before we got there. She spent alot of time running around, playing on the swings, and building muddy concoctions in the backyard. And, one evening, she (as far as we could figure out) jumped the fence into the neighbors yard to feed the miniature ponies and ended up getting chased all around their yard! hahahahaha! Rachel happened to go out back to check on the puppies, looked over the fence, and there was Faith, being chased by little horses! She wasn’t scared in the least, but was a little concerned she was going to be in trouble, we laughed too hard to be upset about it though.

Felicity, on the other hand, was super needy and adopted the name “lungs” for the way she’d throw these awful screaming fits multiple times a day.  It was only a pain the first five days, she finally started to warm up and not freak out so much if I was actually in a room different from the one she was in. We celebrated her second birthday, rather informally, while we were there. She opened the gift from my parents and got 4 Disney princesses, very similar to the ones Faith has, and was SO excited. Her face was priceless! We got some good pics of it, you can check them out on facebook. (I still haven’t figured out my photo issue!!!!)

Everybody loved meeting George for the first time. And, my mom and Rachel couldn’t get over how big he’s gotten or how much he looks like my little brother, Matthew. Anyway, he was a good sport about all the commotion in the house and was a very happy baby just about the entire time we were there. We received lots of compliments about him and all his smiles and scooting-around-ness.

It was a great trip and the kids travelled well. I was so nervous about flying with three, but it went very smoothly. Not so smooth I could do it alone sometime soon -hahaha- but it went smooth for having two parents on hand. It reconfirmed my excitement for moving out there seeing all those great people and seeing how much fun Faith had with the fam ;)


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