*Navy Life


Lowell went back to work today for the first time since the day before we went to California. It was sad, as it always is, to say goodbye to him after having so much time off and having him to ourselves. Something that really stuck with me as he left was: How are we ever going to survive being separated when we get to the fleet? I mean, he will leave for periods of time that will last 2 weeks, a month, three months, nine months. That is just unacceptable! But, I whispered a prayer. I asked for strength to follow and do God’s will.

Lowell called later to check in, see how the kids were, and to tell me that he got extended until November. I thought, “Okay, that’s just a month longer than we thought. That’s not so bad.” I asked him if there was a specific date or if it was just November, and he said, “Uuuh, November two thousand eleven.” He asked how I felt about it and I told him that I was bummed, but so relieved to be spared a whole year from sea time, he agreed.

So! We are staying on in New York for another year. The thoughts and anticipation of packing and moving and planning and everything else that goes with a military move have been put off for a year.

Thank you, Jesus, and His Holy Mother, too. Amen!


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