*In a Nut Shell

Be Careful, Daddy

Everyday, when Lowell is walking out the door for work, the girls will not let him go without multiple tight, bear hugs, kisses, blessings, and ‘I love you’s’. It is so sweet to watch and makes my heart melt over and over again!

Recently, there has been added “mentionable” to this farewell routine. Now, amidst the hugging and kissing, they tell him,

“Be careful, Daddy, don’t let the bad guys get you!”

Then they show him how to beat the bad guys up, and proceed with blessings, ‘I love you’s’, and more hugs and kisses, too. What’s funny, though, is we have no idea where this new found concern has come from. They really dont know about bad guys or how to beat them up! HaHaHaHa! The only thing I can think of is they’ve pieced it together from watching John Wayne movies ;)

One thing’s for sure: there is nothing more precious than seeing the genuine love & concern for their Daddy in their little faces as he steps out the front door to be their hero in the battle of day-to-day life ♥

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