*In a Nut Shell

Things that stand out…

This week, so far, is filled with five, random things that “stand out” more than most.

1) a)Why do flies always fly in your ear? and WHY do they sound like a whining drill with a dying battery? b)They’re huge, and they fly so slow, yet they’re so difficult to kill!
2) The girls new favorite thing is “bad guys” and they always want to know who is good and who is bad. Faith has taken to “shooting” bad guys who are in the kitchen or the back yard, then she “scoops them up” to bring them to the doctor to get bandaids for their owies. Atleast she loves her “enemies” :)
3) Faith has grown like 3 inches this summer, and George has grown just as much and has gained, what feels like, 5 pounds. He crawls everywhere, climbs everything, and is even trying the whole walking thing! Felicity seems to be about the same in height and appearance. I guess her summer growth spurt hasn’t taken place yet.
4) It is so green and beautiful outside, I guess thats why more bugs have taken up residence around here: They must like the view too.
5) Lastly, I’ve noticed a new closeness in our little family. I can’t put my finger on exactly what it is or when it might have happened, but I love it and want to nurture it so that it will continue to be beautiful and pleasing in the Lord’s eyes.


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