*In a Nut Shell

New in the Schaper Zoo

Lowell just finished building AMAZING bunk beds for the girls! He did a great job on them, and I think he did an especially good job considering it was the first big wood working job he’s done. :) The only thing he didn’t do was stain them. We couldn’t really decide on a color that we feel would work with the two different types of wood he used to build it. He is quite the self critic and already knows what he is going to use and what he’s going to do differently when making the next set. It was fun rearranging the girls’ room which led to rearranging the guest room too.

Speaking of the guest room, I got a like-new FULL bed and frame on craigslist for a 12 pack of Sam Adams and $40.00! It is such a nice, comfy bed! The original owner said it was used as their guest bed, so barely used. Now, I’m on the hunt for a nice headboard.

Let’s see… Oh! George will be 9 months tomorrow. He is such a little ham, and, if I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again: He is THEE spitting image of his Daddy!! He has now adopted one of Lowell’s famous “concentrating” faces and it is so cute and amazing to see. Amazing because it is a “built-in feature” that just happened and isn’t something he “learned” to do. He loves to bounce and is braving small steps between furniture. I don’t think this feat is a conscious effort, though. I think it’s one of those: Oh, hey, I just took some steps… mmmmm, that toy looks yummy to chew on… 

And, finally, the girls. Those two! They are still a ball of fun complete with a heap of challenges. The first night we had their bunk beds in their room, they practically ran up the stairs in their hurry to go to bed and test ’em out. They’re always really good about going to bed, but this was just amazing – hahaha! They’ve spent hours up there, playing with toys and going up and down from the top to bottom bunks. They’ve even had a “tent” on the bottom bunk. Per their request, I hung a sheet from the top bunk so it hung pass the bottom bed quite nicely. They really enjoyed that.
The other night I let them watch a movie after their bath and before prayers and bed. They picked out Finding Nemo and settled in for the fishy adventure for atleast the six hundredth time. The opening scene came on, Nemo’s parents are swimming around, talking about what to name their babies when they hatch, and suddenly it is very quiet in their “neighborhood”. They [Nemo’s parents] realize it’s because there is a “bad guy fish” and in a panic, Nemo’s mom rushes to her eggs instead of into hiding, Nemo’s dad tries to stop her but get’s knocked out. When he comes to, he looks for his wife, but she and all but one egg are gone. Faith & Felicity, like I said, have seen this movie ALOT, but they had to ask-again, Mommy! What happened to Coral (Nemo’s mom)?? So, I explained-again, that the “bad guy fish” came and ate Nemo’s mommy and all those eggs. As I was telling them this, I made eating noises that sounded like Cookie Monster eating his beloved cookies. When I finished explaining, Faith had this look of disgust on her. One eye brow up, her mouth kid of twisted, just yuck. Anyway, she says to me, “Oh. My. Dosh! Mommy, dat is SO dross!” so serious and so dramatic like. I died laughing! I still can’t decide if she thinks I made an absurd story up, or if she understands what happened is appalled by it. I guess it doesn’t matter, it makes me laugh either way!


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