*In a Nut Shell

Ta Duh!

Where to begin?? It has been forever since I last posted the littlest bit of anything!

It is fall and beautiful here in upstate New York. I have recently become so at peace with my surroundings and life here, and experiencing yet another beautiful autumn only enhances that peace. I don’t see myself feeling entirely at peace when I’m freezing in a few months, but I will try to maintain!

I bought a couple school books for Faith and am going to start working with her on the afternoons when Felicity and George are napping. I really only got one workbook for her and a preschool activity book that I can do with both her and Felicity. I’m excited for the workbook. I think she’s ready. It starts with following basic instruction and tracing lines and shapes, then it starts with the alphabet and coloring pictures that begin with each particular letter. I wasn’t going to start school with her until next fall, but she seems eager so I thought I’d get her this book and see how it goes.

Felicity is trying to potty train. Yay for me, right? Not! Every few days, we go through the process of putting panties on and then going to the toilet every 30 minutes. But, she never goes! After 3 or 4 times of doing that, she will head off to play and just pees wherever. Ugh! She has the right idea of wanting to go, I guess she just doesn’t realize how to put it all together. Atleast she wants to, though, so we will continue trying to figure it out.

George recently turned 10 months. He has 4 teeth on top and 2 below. We gave him his first official big-boy haircut and it turned out well. He was pret-ty wiggly, but we still managed to get him looking good. He says “Momma” and can wave, clap his hands, and fold his hands to pray. This guy LOVES water, his big sisters, and his daddy. He loves them all so much that I don’t know who he’d pick if given a chance at all three at the same time. And, the other night, he took 3 steps. He is the first of our kids to try something so adventurous as that before turning one year. ;)

Lowell has taken up wood working. Have I blogged about that yet? Well, he started out by making me some shelves, then he made one for his mom for Mother’s Day that they put in their dining room that they redecorated. He made a brave leap from making shelves to making the girls a bunk bed! It turned out so beautiful! The girls ofcourse love it and Lowell is very proud. I am so proud of him, He did such a great job – especially considering it was his first attempt at something so huge. After he finished the bunkbed, he set to work making his dad a chess board for his birthday. How do I describe it? Amazing. Beautiful. Exceptional. Professional. Perfect. He constructed it out of two different types of wood. He cut the wood into strips, stacked them light-dark-light-dark, dove tailed them together, cut them into strips again, dove tailed and glued them together, and slid them into a frame made from the same wood. Then he put a special edging around the the top and did a few coats of clear coat finishing. So, we brought the chess baord to Virginia and while we were down there, Lowell was asked to build a wardrobe for a priest who works at a Mercy House. Father needs something to hold his vestments, Holy Oils, a Monstrace,  and all the essentials for Mass. Lowell agreed to do it and decided we’d ask for donations from family & friends since building it is going cost about $400, and in return for any donations made, Lowell is going to make crucifixes out of the left over wood. He ran into the Deacon from our parish and was telling him about it and it turns out he is in to cabinetry and offered to help Lowell with the plans & any tools we may not have. That in itself was a huge blessing, so now we’re trying to raise the money so he can get started and hopefully finished and down to Virginia before the weather turns bad.

(Went out on a limb and the picture uploader works! Hooray!)


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