*In a Nut Shell

Today’s Forecast

WHY does being a parent to 3 kids have to be so difficult some times? I mean, they’re three little kids for crying out loud! I am bigger, smarter, faster, yet they still try to be better than me. They often win when the three of them become great allies and storm my gates with their guns a’blazin’!

This phase in my life reminds me of the beach, except it is a far cry from what my memory holds of the beach. My kids turn as quick as the tide. One minute, they’re playing nicely with each other, and the next thing I know, they’re screaming, or coloring on a wall, or in the upstairs bathroom emptying 4 bottles of lotion EVERYWHERE and rinsing themselves in the toilet. I mean, how can you go from peace to chaos that quickly?! Like, right now, for instance, the girls are being “quiet” but they’re in the laundry room. Chances more than likely are that they’re mixing the clean & dirty loads together, one of them is probably sitting in the dryer while the other throws mixed laundry and toys in there too. And, what do I do? Nothing. Why? Because this is a calm in the daily storm. You can consider this the part of the storm where the wind is blowing everything out of its proper order, but you can’t be mad because atleast it isn’t a tornado or blizzarding. I take that back, I hear a blizzard coming…

I’ll admit I feel kind of bad comparing my kids with the weather and changing tides, but it really is like that. If you are or were a stay at home mom of three little people, you know what I mean. It keeps me on my toes and more times than not, I always wish I would have grabbed an umbrella or a hat. I am feeling more and more unprepared for the stuff these guys dish out! There are days we are all very interactive, we color and read books, play games, talk about new things. Then, there are days where I need to get caught up on my chores and they’ll sit and watch Leap Frog and/or play nicely, or even help me out. Oooor there are days when I can’t get them to participate in a cooperative way with coloring/reading, or helping me out/watching Leap Frog. Those are days like today.

I love my kids and I often do enjoy the chaotic changes because it brings alot of excitement to our quiet home. It also brings stress because by the time I am over the rush of whatever it may be, they’re still in full swing, getting louder and crazier. So, I suggest we take our energies outside … but that is a no go because we can’t just be crazy outside. We have to ride bikes and get muddy and find all the neighbors and eat chalk and turn the hose on each other and chase butterflies … ALL at the SAME time! Then they get mad because I want to do those things one at a time, as a group, but being groupies outdoors is so uncool. So, how do they deal with this uncool pressure? They run away. Far, far away. In opposite directions ofcourse. My raised voice, my threats, and my holding George on the hip while trying to catch them is no match.

Even though these things take place, I can’t find anything I want to change. Well, I would like to change how well they listen to me, but I can do that and see signs of little improvement each day. I get excited to see George so excited to see his big sisters and how eager he is to chase after them and play the games the play. He has started walking already! And, I love how excited the girls get when they see George after his nap. I love how good they all are with each other, during those times they’re being good :) I love how concerned they are about each other, how willing they are to be there and help out when their brother or sister is upset, and their willingness to share or trade while playing, even if it almost kills them in the process! And, I love to watch them with their Daddy. He walks through the door at the end of his long days, or comes down the stairs after a late night, and all three of the kids just light up and go crazy! They want to play and talk about things they’ve seen or done.

I just love this crazy, wonderful, awful, beautiful life! Parenting is just another day in paradise ♥


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