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“The Other Side”

Before every meal, we begin

In the name of the Father (right hand on forehead), and of the Son (right hand on chest), and of the Holy (right hand on left shoulder) Spirit (right hand on right shoulder)…

going slowly so the girls keep up and do it correctly. Well, each and every time we do it, the girls put their hand in the wrong spot for the “Holy” part, so each and every time it sounds alot like

In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy..other side..Holy Spirit, Amen.

This afternoon, Faith decided she was going to pray all by herself. So, we told her she could lead us all in lunch prayers. Very excited, she says,

“Okay! Time to pray. Fode your hands. Okay. In duh name of duh Fadduh, and duh Son, and duh Howwy..udder side!..Howwy Spiwwit, Amen.”

All the while she did the hand gestures in their proper order, and threw in “udder side!” because Lowell does and she didn’t even realize there was more to it than that that is how Daddy does the beginning part of prayers, so it must be the proper order of things. 



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