*In a Nut Shell

Victory Boy!

Did you ever see the television show The Wonder Years? I vaguely remember it growing up. I do know I wasn’t allowed to watch it, though I don’t know why. I think it was about a teenage boy dealing with going through life, facing the things that teenage boys face. Anyway, one thing that stands out about the show was that the kid had an adult man’s voice for his thoughts. Do you know what I mean? Or, the babies in the Look Who’s Talking movies, they all have adult voices for “thoughts.”

Well, I am pretty sure that George has one of those adult voices in his head of thoughts. I swear! Sometimes he gives me these looks that I’m convinced come along with a man’s voice that says, “You’ve got to be kidding me!” or, “Please, Momma, please?” or, “Yuck! No more, no more!” But, my all time favorite is when George conquers something that he’s been working really hard at. His facial expression tells me the man in his head is shouting, “Victory!” So, I’ve started shouting it for him every time I watch him accomplish and overcome some obstical. HaHaHa! It makes me laugh to watch this guy. He is so advanced! One of these times he’s probably just going to shout Victory! himself ;)


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