*Operation Get Healthy

Week One Analysis

For a whole week now, I have been on strict discipline mode. No snacking, no bad carbs, more frequent, smaller meals, and working out. Boooy, have I had my fair share of butt kicking!

I took off two days for rest, but really I just wasn’t able to get to the Wii. I burned, on average, 130 calories doing that each day. Can I just say, again, that I love this fitness game!! Okay, thanks! ;) Anyway, so after all that exercise and cut back in diet and general food intake, would you like to know how much I lost in my first week? Are you ready for this?


So disappointing. I do feel alot better, though, and have already spied a few curves in my arms and legs returning. I didn’t go to the Y like I promised myself, either. So, that is one of my goals for this next week: Fitting in a few trips to the Y. Maybe with that extra push I will lose a little something this week. I just thought for sure something great was happening under all this skin!! Oh well. That’s what I get for being vein!

On to week two!

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