*In a Nut Shell

Beautiful Chaos

My mom says I should write more things down, even the things that make me mad “today,” because I will laugh about it “tomorrow” and will want to remember the things that so quickly become a blur.

She is so right! I used to be so good about keeping notes, and even blogging, about the most random bits of nonsense, be it comical or infuriating. I still write stuff down to be added to the kids’ scrapbooks, but I feel like it isn’t to the degree it once was.

But, WHY is it that it isn’t as it once was?

Is it because these three kids continue to stack up taller than me and somehow manage to outsmart me a hundred times a day?? Most likely! And, I feel so frazzled at the end of most days, I don’t feel like jotting things down. It doesn’t take so long to do it, and I already regret having not been better about it recently. So, I am going to start up again! I want to remember this stuff, and I want the kids to know more about what mischievous -and cute- things they were up to in their early years, before their memories could really hang on to random moments.

The first thing I am going to put down is how overwhelmed I feel each day, but how I wouldn’t trade it for all the tea in China. (Now, if it was coffee in China, well, then maybe… :-p) And then I am going to write down about Felicity being the QUEEN of running away! How Faith is a big help, but has a relentless habit of whining. And, how George just continues to amaze us all every day with how advanced he is. How he tries to put things together, and understands the concepts of changing clothes, how he is walking at 10 1/2 months, and one of his most favorite things EVER is playing in water. Any kind of water…I’ll let your imagination fill in the blanks with that one!

I’m also going to put down how much I love my husband and how he is my anchor during this thing we shall call “beautiful chaos.” He is so selfless and always so willing to go the extra mile just to let me breathe even after a long day/night at work. And, how great he is with his hands! He has such an incredible talent and continues to impress me with the things he can create and build with wood.

So, even when I feel I am in way over my head, all I need to remember to do is step back and look in to see how beautiful even chaos really is. ♥


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