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Saint Monkey(?)

We have just about every St. Joseph Picture Book there is. Included in our collection is the entire 12 Parts of the Book of Saints.

Every night, when we are settling down, we like to read books and talk about what is happening in pictures. Some of the stories are more than the girls’ minds can stand to sit still for, so often times I will shorten the stories up by giving a summed up version of what each page says with the help of the illustrations that are also on them. It helps to get the point across in fewer words and the picture helps paint the over idea in their head.

On one particular night, we were reading the Book of Saints-Part 11, about Saint Eulalia of Mérida. She is the most famous virgin martyrs of Spain. She suffered martyrdom at the age of 12 by torture and then was burned at the stake for refusing to offer sacrifices to false gods. The picture shows a beautiful girl, blood stained and tied to a stake with flames about to consume her. Both Faith and Felicity were very fascinated by this lovely saint and kept wanting to come back to Eulalia’s page so we could talk more about how the bad guys put fire on her because she loved Jesus SO SO much.

Today, Faith came down stairs with a play phone that has this really long string that comes out of it and her little monkey all tied up in it. She brought it to me and said, “Oh, poor monkey, he’s all tied up!” I played along very dramatically and asked what happened, why was the monkey tied up. Then she informed me, “The monkey loves Jesus and duh bad guys are putting fire on him!”


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