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October In A Flash & November Preview

We drove to Virginia on the 21st for Lowell’s sister, Ruthie’s, wedding on the 23rd. We had alot of fun seeing family and friends, some of whom we haven’t seen in a VERY long time! Ruthie was a beautiful bride in the dress she made. She and her hubby, Chris, wore Converse-hers white, his black. They each had three people in their bridal party, and their color was purple. The wedding Mass began promptly at 1:00 and at 1:20 they were man and wife! After Mass, ofcourse, was the million photos. (I would have shared some pics, but I erased my camera at a Halloween party :( )
 The reception followed immediately at a volunteer fire house. It was in an upstairs hall, so when you walked in the front door you went straight up a flight of stairs. On the first landing was a table with a lily (their flower) and a purple candle. Up the next flight of stairs was a table with 8×10 pictures of Chris and Ruthie’s parents and both sets of grandparents (Raymond’s gift to them, he is BIG into photography) set out with flowers, candles, and other “purpley” things. Around the corner from that was the hall. They had a very large dance floor, buffet style food table, and tables and chairs along each side of the dance floor with the bridal table sitting higher and at the head & center of the room. We ate yummy food, drank wine, and had champagne for when the toasts were made.
 Grace made the maid of honor toast because Domonique wasn’t up to it. She did such a wonderful job, talked about Pride & Predjudice and then later summed up as when you’re angry, be angry. When you’re sad, be sad. But to remember happiness and joy is always sure to soon follow. Chris’ bestman was his best friend, Jason. He gave a sweet toast, too. Then, Ray stood up and quoted the ever famous Princess Bride and “Mawwiage is what gathers us here today…” in full character I might add ;) And, lastly, but surely not the least(!), their dad stood up and gave a heart warming toast where, in a nut shell, he welcomed Chris to the family, thanked his parents for raising such a fine man, and told the newlyweds how proud he was of them and that he loved them, and thanked all of their friends who got involved to help put things together for the wedding/reception/reception-clean up. After all of that, Ruthie was crying and said, “Now do something else that won’t make me cry!”  hahaha!  I believe it was at this point that Grace, Domonique, Jane, Samm, and eventually Ray too, stood up and sang, “I say a little prayer for you” from My Best Friend’s Wedding. Grace did lead vocal while everyone else sang back up. Wow! Grace was phenomenal!!! I got that on a bit of video that was also erased.
 Then from then on out we danced and danced and danced! Well, everybody else did, we (the Lowell Schaper’s) left early because we had an hour drive home and the kids were done at 8:00. We got back to the house around 9:00ish, got the kids to bed, I cleaned up a bit so Mom didn’t have to worry about anything in the way when they got home later, and Lowell worked on preparing brisket, ribs, and fried chicken for dinner the next night. On Sunday, we went to Mass and mostly just vegged out. Chris & Ruthie came over in the mid-afternoon to open their gifts and cards. They got alot of things from their registry and got a breath-taking statue of the Holy Family, a Nativity Scene, beautiful pictures of Most Sacred Hearts of Jesus & Mary, and we got the a crucifix and I made a scrap/cookbook for them.

We headed back to NY on Tuesday and brought Ray back for his annual autumn trip to see us! When we got back, their cousins Mamie and Cecilia were waiting for us. (Mamie is a Coastie stationed near Long Island, and her sister, Cecilia, flew to Albany for fall break from school.) We all just hung out and since Lowell still had time off, he got alot done on the wardrobe he is working on.
On Friday, we all dressed up and went to a Halloween party. I “dressed up” as a mother of three who tried pulling herself together for a much-needed date. My hair was half done and pulled back with a little girl’s bow, my make up was smudged, my jeans were inside out, I had a half shaved leg and mismatched shoes. Ray dressed as the Blue’s Clues guy, Steve. Faith was an Indian, Felicity was a pirate (who can’t do anything; it’s a Veggie Tales thing!), and George was supposed to be a monkey but he ended up not cooperating for that. Cecilia was a pirate, too, and Mamie went sort of “Gangsta” but Lowell ended up wearing her hat. We had a nice time talking and watching the kids play games. On Saturday Mamie and Cecilia headed back to “The City” so it was just Ray and us. 

On Halloween, Ray & I did a grocery run, napped the kids, then got geared up for a round of trick or treat. Lowell had already gone back to work at this point, so he opted to stay home with George to hand out candy. Ray and I took my Indian and Pirate princesses out for candy in the bitter cold. Faith figured out how Halloween “works” right away and LOVED it!!! She quickly learned how to determine whether a house was “open” or not for candy, would run up to a house, ring the bell twice, and shout “Trick or Treat!!!” then say it again when the door opened, then politely said, “Thank you! Good night!” or “Thank you! Happy Hawwoween!” Felicity was freezing by the second house and wanted to be done, but Ray and traded her back and forth to keep warm. Felicity was a little concerned by a few costumes we came across, but always said “Hi! Hi! Hi! This is me!” until the guy or girl would respond with “Hi! This is me too!” Faith was a-okay. She would closely inspect a few costumes but would see the kid underneath and be just fine.

Ray headed home on Nov 2nd. We were sad to see him go, but Felicity was especially sad. She was pretty much attached to his leg the entire time he was here. It was cute, but made for extra gloom upon the farewell. Mamie went home, again, on Wednesday. She’d come back late Monday/early  Tuesday to be in the area for when Cecilia had to leave Albany on Tuesday evening. So, Wednesday afternoon we were left in silence. Well, practically silence. It always makes me homesick for my family when the littlest bit of hustle and bustle leaves our house.

Our November projection shows:
-Another trip to Virginia, at some point, to deliver the wardrobe.
-Thanksgiving :) mmmmmm!
-More Christmas shopping (I’ve been doing it online and am almost done!)
-A trip to the cemetery to pray for the dead as part of the requirement to earn a plenary indulgence.
-We’re getting 30 lbs of home-grown pork, need to make freezer room.
-Baking, baking, baking. ♥
-And, my parents are going to be celebrating 26 years of marriage this month!


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