Is It Really THAT Bad?

I was just reading an article on Yahoo! news about the famous Duggar Family’s oldest son, Josh, and how he and his wife Anna are expecting their second child. She found out she was pregnant on their first child’s first birthday in October. Anyway, it was a nice article if you are interested in reading it, click here (http://tv.yahoo.com/news/article/tv.accesshollywood.com/tv.accesshollywood.com-josh-anna-duggar-expecting-second-child)

But, like I always do, I went on to read some of the comments that readers left. I guess you can call me naive, but are people REALLY that offended by large families? Do they really believe our planet is running out of space? Then there was the person who said it was disgraceful to have that many because the parents couldn’t even raise the younger ones so the older kids did it, there was also concern that the kids were neglected and not loved. I think that person has failed to realize was that your heart is never too full to love another person, and that with all that love in a house there is no feeling of neglect or a feeling of “un-loved” I know, I grew up in a family almost that size. Or, what I like best was one person was upset because there was no way the Duggar’s were going to be able to afford putting their kids through college and that s/he had one daughter and was having a hard enough time putting her through a state school. Why do parents have to give their children everything? Clothes, cars, gas and insurance for those cars, a college education, etc etc. At what point are those kids learning any kind of responsibility? It’s great to help your child, but as a child who had to work for everything and had my parents help when they could, I am so thankful! There were some commenters who said that though they didn’t agree with having 19 kids, they weren’t bothered by the family because they pay their taxes, clothe and feed their kids, and are good, happy people in society.

But, what I want to know is WHY people care so much that a family wants to have more than the typical 2, or in rare cases 4 or 5, kids? Is it their conscience eating away at them and their contraceptive mindset?  Or, how about the people who have kids and can’t wait to get them out the door to kindergarten or pre-school, or even PRE-pre-school because they (the kids) are such a burden to have around. If the few kids you have are such a pain that you need them away and out of your hair, then WHY have them in the first place? What kind of love are you showing the tiny one or two year old when you are shoving them out the door to be someone else’s “problem”? I don’t know. I just don’t know! It never ceases to amaze me how indifferent the world is to it’s most beautiful blessings: children.


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