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Exotic Mystery: Do We Dare?

Imagine it is a dark night. You are sitting in moist grass at the banks of a river that flows by at such slow speeds that it makes no more sound than a ripple. You are looking out on this water, with barely a glow from the moon and stars. You are with your closest friend and loved one, but it is silent, except for the rippling water.

Before you know it, a large ship comes sailing by, out of nowhere. Although, you have seen this amazing event unfold before, but it has been a while, and with the current setting of surroundings, you aren’t surprised it has returned. There is almost no light to be seen on the enormous boat, and all that can be heard is the creaking and moaning of the wood in the water. And, it just goes by slowly. Very. Slowly. Again, it’s still quiet except for the rippling water and the moans from the ship.

You are watching this phenomenon take place and you feel this adrenaline inside of you. The child in you wants to almost hide, but really just get a better look at it without being noticed. But, something else inside of you is screaming to grab on to a loose rope hanging from its decks and climb on board to see what it’s all about. You talk about it with your closest friend and loved one. You weigh your options: the pro’s, the con’s, and the unknown’s that may come with climbing aboard. Oh! but what about the beauty that is surely masked by the darkness around you?

You decide this time you will sit quietly, and remain almost hidden in the vast, silent darkness, and watch it go by. Even though you know it will return again, as it always has in the past, you still can’t help but watch it and you still want to wonder “What if I climb on…?” You feel guilty for “hiding” from it, after all it is utterly amazing! But it is also HUGE, and you know you just haven’t reached that strength to see yourself to the top of that rope and on to the deck yet. Maybe next time? For now, you will sit and keep your eyes in the direction of the next anticipated passing exotic mystery ship, and wonder, “when will I dare to board?”

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