*In a Nut Shell

Where did the year go?

2010 is almost completely out the window…it’s still hanging on by barely a thread, tangled in the mini-blinds. But, that is not the year I have in mind for this entry. I had in mind an adorable little man we all know and love. His name is George.

George was given to us by the Lord in March 2009, but we didn’t get to hold him in our arms until November, that’ s 9 months, you can put your fingers down ;). He was born 9 pounds, 5 ounces, needless to say, he was thee biggest butterball! The nurses oo’d and aaww’d over him and his name. I’ll never forget one nurse said she said his name just so she could smile because you couldn’t say it without one.

He grew up WAY too fast. He started scooting at 6 mos and was full on crawling at 7 months. He cut his first teeth at 5 months, and that’s when he got his first hair cut, too. He started climbing at 8-9 mos, scaling the furniture at 9 mos, and started braving the idea of walking at 10 months. It wasn’t until he was 11 months that he REALLY started getting places, though. His first word was “Momma” at 10-11 months. He was clapping by 8 months, waving at 10 months, and high-five, neighing like a horse, and pointing at 11 months, and started to recognize the camera and would smile and say “eeeese” just before his birthday. His first solids were at 6 months. He hated babyfood, so worked his way up the real food chain rather slowly. He has been the pickiest baby-food wise- that we’ve had yet, but still loves to breastfeed.

For his first birthday, we had a tiny celebration. We got him a few presents and had family friends of ours over for lunch and cheesecake-cupcakes. He got a truck and a stuffed animal puppy bulldog that we respectively call Tobey, and Uncle Ray got him a blow-up penguin toy (that Felicity stabbed with a BBQ instrument only a few days later. R.I.P. Penguin!).

I am so proud of my little man and I love to see him so involved with his sisters and how MUCH he loves his Daddy! Oh my gosh, I can’t even describe the melting heart I have when I watch them all. I know most parents say this, but George is very smart and aware of his surroundings. He understands how things are or how they’re supposed to be. He pays attention to details that even Faith and Felicity don’t [seem to] pay attention to.

My top five things that always make me smile are:
1) George with his sisters;
1) George with his daddy;
1) George making his rediculous “eeeese” face when I pull the camera out;
1) George playing Wii, (yes, and he does it well too! );
1) George cuddling with me just because he wants to.

I can’t put them in order because they are all my favorites! hahaha!

Happy Birthday to my baby!

George at Birth


"eeese" on 1st bday


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