*Navy Life

Dear God

Incase I have never mentioned it, I am absolutely terrified and unwilling to cope with the idea of Lowell ever leaving on deployments. I know this is selfish of me, especially when every other military family I know has had to send their husband/father away for unacceptable amounts of time, but the idea is too great for me.

My great fear only deepened earlier this month when one of my fellow navy wives husband left for 7-9 months on a deployment. He is going to miss Christmas, the birth of his third child, birthdays, his anniversary, and his daughter wrapping up her first year of school. What traumatizes me most about this is him missing the birth and first 6 months of his baby’s life. I know, I know. This happens ALL THE TIME, but it scares me just the same, and I don’t think I am man enough to handle it well. But, God knows me better than I know myself, so maybe I am at least woman enough? I pray God doesn’t trust me enough to find out… In the meantime, though, God has heard my prayers, begging him not to send Lowell away, because we got extended another year here. So, we didn’t move this year, but are looking at a move in November next year. Maybe if I turn my thousand little prayers a day into two thousand, we will get another year ;) I don’t think I am as nervous for me as I am for my kids. It breaks my heart just to think about it!

I want all of you fellow military spouses to know that YOU are my heroes. Thank you for being brave and strong for your family’s sake, and for being the example I take comfort in when I become overwhelmed with the ideas of deployments–as far away as they are from me, they are still so near going through them with my friends.  And, please keep my friend and their family in your prayers. You know how things are extra emotional while pregnant, so she needs all the extra help she can get. :) Thanks!

P.S. Lowell got an early promote for being the hardworking and outstanding guy he is. So, he got to take the exam to be promoted to E6/PO1 (petty officer, first class) a year early and he passed! Not very often a guy makes E6 in four years and still never seen a ship. I’m so proud! :) ♥


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