*Holiday Stories

December: Advent/Christmas

We got our tree and trimmed it up. I refrained from putting my extra stuff out this year because George and Felicity love to touch and get into ev’rything, so we have a very humble look about our home. Which is actually quite fitting since it is Advent and shouldn’t be too flashy or splashy.

We are pushing more the idea of St Nicholas as Santa Claus than the secular idea of Santa Claus. This year, one of the ladies whom we’ve fallen in love with made our kids little St Nicholas bags filled with nuts, a candy cane, a St Nicholas holy card, a St Nicholas-moulded cookie, and an orange. The kids were so excited to find their shoes filled with such treats!

Happy Feast of St Nicholas


Anyway, our tree looked so pretty … for about 2 hours. The kids helped decorate it with ornaments, and redecorate it, and restring the lights, and rehang the ornaments, they’ve even put themselves under the tree as gifts. I don’t think they realize I can spot a re-gifter anywhere. So, with all of this commotion, our lights are hanging in a ratted mess from baby’s tallest reach to the bottom, and all of the ornaments are clustered together above baby’s tallest reach, and the Angel at the top of the tree is hanging on for dear life. I was telling Lowell we need to fix her and he said she is looking down on us. I looked back up at her and said, No, she is hanging on by the threads of her gown praying she doesn’t fall into the clutches of our Christmas elves! You know when you are standing on the very edge of something and you’re trying to balance yourself, and you find your arms waving around while you are saying, “Whooooa! Whooooa!” Well, that’s what our poor Angel is doing!

our re-decked "halls"
"Please, not the elves!"

We still aren’t sure what we are going to do for Christmas because of Lowell’s crazy schedule, but it will for sure be a white one here in New York. We are going to a little family party on Saturday to eat some goodies and decorate some ornaments. I am finishing up last minute wrapping, and getting in the baking spirit of the holidays. I wish we were more people that could enjoy all sorts of yummies!

But, most importantly, we have each other. A roof over our heads, clothes on our backs, and food in our stomachs. We have wonderful friends and we have the sacraments available to us. We are so blessed in these areas, that everything else seems like frilly extras. 

♥ Merry Christmas!


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